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Ruu's Charakters

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Ruu's Charakters

Post  Ruu on Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:22 pm

(Pictures coming soon)

Rem [Dead]

He lived for 400 years, lonely in the Dark Realm, where he had no friends. But once he has seen a way to leave the lone Death Realm and he landed into the real world on the Planet Earth. He moster time wears a scythe and a big cross on his back. Also he has strange teal-black hair. His skin is as white as the moon's glow and his eyes fit to it. He is a heartless man, but he still has emotions in a few parts.

Luna [Dead]

(text coming soon)


A modern charakter. He is an Alien from a Planet called Skirios, named by the Dictator of this Planet, Skirios Norix. Xelioth once was sent into a capsule which should lead him to the Planet Alpha II where a war broke out. Skirios wanted to take over this Planet and sent the best men he had to this Planet. But someone has manipulated the Capsules direction and the Capsule was flying for 2 Million years until it reached the earth. Xelioth was frozen so he did not die of age. As he reached the earth he has seen a strange species called Human. He arrived at the age 2018. He now tries to find his place in the Human's world.


Probably the last Kirin that is existing (Kirin = My custom race). She lived peacefully in secret at the big but hidden city. But once one race found out their secrets. Archangels attacked the Country Kirin, called after the race that lives there. The ytook over everything as the Kirin used forbidden Magic and techniques. Shira was able to leave the country and flee to a village called "Village of the Nelms". SHe is also known as the masked Mage because to earn money she had to rob people in order to get money and to survive. She now tries to find another survivor of her race.


(coming soon)

[more charakters coming]

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