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Rules & Regulations

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Rules & Regulations

Post  Lusor on Wed Jun 01, 2011 1:57 am

In this subforum:
  • PM Lusor or Hisao to ask permission for starting a topic
  • the historical period is CLEAR ENOUGH
    if you disagree on that, you ask (NICELY!) for a change of category title in the Q & A section
  • topics cannot change owner.
  • always listen to Lusor.

Making a new Role Play:
  • stay in the right period.
  • first topic will be updated by owner and has to contain:
    [°] description of the environment.
    [°] description of the start situation.
    [°] list of RPCs + users.
    [°] additional rules set by topic owner.
    [°] preferred role play kind (if this matters)
  • owner has to frequently post in the topic.
  • owner wields non-player characters, but limited adding by roleplayers is allowed.

Title of the topic:
  • as books have a name, role plays will have too - be original!
  • between the title, put:
    [°] [open] - in case only a limited amount of people can join
    [°] [closed] - incase no more people can join
    [°] [ended] - incase storyline has finished (topic will be locked by mods)
    [°] (put nothing if it does not matter who joins)
  • two running role plays cannot have the same title


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History & Facts

Post  Lusor on Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:38 pm

Here, you can read through my brief summary of the timeline of the Prehistory. The Pre-History is the past before it was written down: the only notes were stone carvings of symbols and drawings to represent the animals one hunted, maybe stories of daily life. When could we start role-playing? What settings could we use as a background? All of that is up to you, role-player or participant of the LPC, to decide. Read this or other sources through as a reference if you feel like it - it is not an obligation. This exposition is purely informational, to give you a background on a period you might not know too much about. Feel like passing over a few items lightly? Go ahead - nothing should bind you to read the irrelevant paragraphs. Sorting out the useful from the useless information could swiftly be done by scanning just the headers.

The Era of Dinosauria

Want to role-play in the prehistorical time set, but don't feel like playing humans just yet? Then the era of dinosauria might just be what you are looking for. We cannot guess what thoughts roamed in their heads and how complex they were, but you can leave that to your own imagination.

The earliest traces of dinosaurs date from over two hundred million years ago (200 Ma), from about halfway the Triassic era. (...)

Related to dinosaurs, are in the first place the pterosaurs: their flying brothers. Their species, just like that of the dinosaurs, developed in the Triassic. Their wings remind of the wings of a bat: their "index finger" is very long and tissue connects it to the other fingers, that are fairly wide apart. Formerly having long tails (the rhamphorhynchus) to maintain their balance, the pterosaur's tail loses inches throughout the Jurassic. We bring the pterodactylus in as an example here.


The First Species of Mankind

Throughout the passing of millennia, human species started to develop. Are you interested in role playing mankind when it was still to find its way from nature to culture? Would you like to role play a character that is intrigued by fire and the perpetual flow of water in the rivers? What stage of our own evolution sparks your curiosity the most?


The earliest ancestor of mankind that I will mention in this summary, is the Ardipithecus. Whether this species already walked on its feet or not, is unknown. The arms of the Ardipithecus were still long and its hands were big, as well as the big toes on its feet had not yet been adapted to bipedal walking. It however seems possible that, apart from mainly climbing in trees and the like, this species already walked short distances on its feet.

The Ardipitheci lived about five million years (5 Ma) ago. They were omnivorous, however their diet most likely consisted of fruit and nuts, and they lived in tropical forests or woodlands. Adults were about 5 feet or 1.5 meters tall. They lived in the west and north-west of Africa.


Mankind first bipedially walking ancestor, would be the Australopithecus. They lived one or two million years later than their predecessor, and were more widespread, over about the entire west coast of Africa.


Invention of the knife - around 2,000,000 BC.
Invention of fire - around 1,000,000 BC.
Invention of housing - around 500,000 BC. in Japan.
Invention of clothing - ?00,000 BC. in present Russia.
Invention of the spear - before 400,000 BC. in Africa.
Invention of painting - before 300,000 BC. in Africa.
Invention of the boat - before 50,000 BC. in South-East Asia.
Invention of musical instruments - around 35,000 BC. in Europe. In China around 8,000 BC.
Invention of the (twisted) rope - around 17,000 BC. in present France.
Invention of the wheel - around 5,000 BC. in present Iraq area. In Europe in 3,000 BC. In China only in 1,200 BC.

Bibliographical references.:

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