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Race - Crystalides

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Race - Crystalides

Post  Hisao on Sun Jun 05, 2011 7:17 pm


Mythological - Fictional - Original

Race created by Hisao. In the case of people wanting to RP this race, you don't have to contact me. HOWEVER, do not fill out missing information (like where your RPC could have lived, etc.) with your own imagination. In the case you don't have a certain piece of information, you should either ask me to add it or choose another species to RP.


  • Basic
  • Life span
  • Anatomy
  • Skills


(Singular: Crystalide, plural: Crystalides.) The Crystalides are a species that look like they are made of crystal (hence their name). Their skin has a kind of glance, and they generally have a quite cold body temperature.

Life span:

The average life span of a Crystalide, however also depending on what type they are, is somewhere in between around 800 and 1300. The majority of this species will certainly live over a millennium of age.


The grow sprint from birth to adult body in the case of a Crystalide extends over a span of six to eight decades. This is because of their body's inability to cope with fast changing. Their mental development usually takes shorter. Interesting fact: Crystalides do not celebrate birthdays anually. Instead they celebrate every decade.

The aging of a Crystalide greatly depends on the grief and stress they encounter during their life. At later age, small cracks start appearing over their face. These cracks, unlike human 'wrinkles', occur at rather random places. In an unlucky case it is possible that due to a lot of cracks around the same area, a body part breaks off. This luckily happens to not even 1% of Crystalides, however it is unfortunately that some early deaths have occurred due to grave chest, neck or head area cracks.



Body type:

The body type of a Crystalide is usually not too volumous. The structure itself does not allow rapid growth and therefore gaining a lot of weight in a short time span is nearly impossible. In the few cases an extreme input of food in the body does happen, however, the skin tends to show cracks and might result in fast aging or even in death. Corpulent Crystalides still do exist, but this means they are usually of older age, as they have built up their body volume over decades or even centuries.




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