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Anomaly - The Convergence

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Anomaly - The Convergence

Post  Surgeon on Tue Feb 10, 2015 12:51 pm

Hello fellow role-players, and potentially friends. The Convergence is a Potential Anomaly for all role-play characters across the universe to participate in. One may think "Oh, wait a tick. That's some form of metagaming or godmoding, I'm sure of it!" but I must insist that you reconsider upon evaluating the information present in this Anomaly. As we all know, an Anomaly is an abnormality that comes up in a pattern. In this case, the pattern is modern RP. The Anomaly is actually a Pocket Universe (a small universe that can range anywhere from meters to billions of kilometers wide). It can exist depending on the users, and what the users/writers manifest upon appearing. Being a Universe of its own accord, it exists outside of the space-time continuum of other role-plays. That being said, there can be multiple threads (role-play sessions) with multiple characters to interact with at one given time. It is, for all intents and purposes, a loophole. No characters are required to interact when in this universe, as they can be at different times and space versions of the universe.

So you're probably asking, what is the point of this Anomaly?

The point of this Potential Anomaly for every character is to revitalize the dying factor of fun in role-play, and to abandon the weight of so many different interpretations of the role-play rules. Sure, the basic ones exist in this thread, but that does not limit your imagination. Please, digress as you wish with other role-players. Mix and mingle. React to other universes that you feel has a character that would react magnificently with your character or characters. This is your chance to do so without it being null and void outside. The Potential Anomaly only exists in role-plays that allow it, so please check with your GM or game designer before activating the anomaly (purely for the matter of respect of authority).

How does this work?

It works quite simply. The universe is meant to expel mass and energy flawlessly on a randomized (based on role-players will OOC) time. If characters were to fight (the laws of physics apply in this universe), character death will not exist. The energies will be compiled back into one mass, (if another character absorbed energy or effects of energy it will be reversed) and exported back to point of origin with memories intact or not depending on the situation. It is not to be confused as a porthole to other universes and role-plays. If a character enters and leaves, it leaves back to where it was spawned from. This prevents character permanent death outside of the universe, and allows them to respawn in the universe at random again should they wish. This works entirely based on other roleplayers interacting with one another. So, in a way, it also promotes character and role-player relations. Have fun, and avoid arguments. :]

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