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The Skullface Klan

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The Skullface Klan

Post  Das on Sat Jun 21, 2014 12:22 pm

The Skullface Klan

About the World

Planet Grave is not too unlike Planet Earth. Over the years, many different species have fought for superiority; whether it be over land, goods or even the world itself. One important family; the Kage Family  are in control of no more land the size of Texas due to their underground world that continues to spread throughout the planet like a virus from the roots of their land. Over hundreds of years, the Kage Family, with their influence over the undead, have continued to develop their underground world, increasing their power through the legion of undead that are eternally loyal to them.
Although, this only makes them powerful in their world. The Family is small and have little leadership or military strategic skills to conquer more than they can on the surface, and other kinds know it.

The Kage Family

The Kage Family is a family that master undead manipulation through a long line of genetic mutation. In the early generations of the family, they were seen as sorcerers of evil; believed to be bringing back the dead to torment the living. They were constantly hunted and when caught, they would be bound and burned to death. Eventually, the Kage Family started to fight back, and the strongest of each branch of the Kage Family came together to form the Skullface Klan.
They discovered their powers were increased and even awakened when in the presence of the dead, and so they migrated to an abandoned war field, where thousands of dead had been left to rot. They used the power of the dead to create an underground city, and ever since, generations after generations have been building the city. Currently, the Stillborn Twins control the underground world of Skullface Klan.

The Yard

The Yard is what the Kage Family call their lands. It is the origin of their underground world, built by dead of a war. The Yard is what some call the tree that produces the many roots that is their underground world of undead. 75% of Yard's population consist of the undead, eternally loyal to the Kage Family, and other nonliving creatures. This doesn't mean Yard is a dark place home to evil beings and monsters.

Yard's most notable and famous feat, are the many deep and noticeable cracks in the ground, spread throughout the lands everywhere you walk. This is because the grounds always open and close, revealing an abyss from which the undead come from. This is one reason why others upon the planet do not tread on Yard, because they have the power to split the ground and swallow anyone who threaten them, or summon a legion of undead.

Surface Story

The Mother of the Kage Family has been assassinated, and the only one who can rule is the only worthy heir; Zachary Kage. Zach ran away from home at the age of 13 after the death of his father. Ever since, he’s been a lost scavenger; making a living through traveling, stealing and free will. Now, at the age of 19, he’s been found and dragged back to lead the Family under the advisement of his Undead Mother, who’s soul is now under allegiance to him, and council of his family. The only problem is, Zachary doesn't want to lead, and is afraid of his power.

Underground Story

It started with the strongest of the family, each born undead, and born stronger than the rest of the family. Ever since the beginning of the Klan, the Underground, known simply as "Under", has always been controlled by those stillborn. Under has been the growing source of the Skullface Klan's power, and continues to be so, which is why most of the Family reside there. Currently, the Stillborn Twins, the elder brothers of the Kage Family, run Under. They are known to run an underworld fight club where common-kind(humans) can fight each-other, or the dead and walk out a bit richer, or a bit dead. The rest of the underground spreads through the inside of the planet like a virus, slowly growing as a world of its own.

Sources: I am the creator of this Family, therefore, for further information contact me. Same name on IMVU as well.

About the Roleplay

*To escape all the technical babble, in essence, the planet is pretty much like earth. The only difference is the lands, the races, the history and the general universe surrounding the planet. *As for the climate of The Yard, it's pretty normal. Long winters, short summers. *In general, the Roleplay Setting is not too futuristic and not too modern even. The Yard is somewhat dystopian, but the rest of the planet has its own profile for whatever goes on there. Just consider that, since there are many of these different races that are known to feud, how many more wars and things could have happened in this world as opposed to our real world. *Right now, in this particular Roleplay, the only family is the Kage Family since it is their lands. But it's an open universe. Anyone can introduce whatever they want to whatever degree as long as it fits in to the roleplay, although it's mainly limited to Werewolves, Vampires, Undead, Mutants and typical modern fantasy beings of the like. *75% of Yard's population are undead that are loyal to the Kage Family. They are sociable as any society, only more stiff and pale. *The Roleplay will be under the Rules and Guidelines of The Roleplayer's Guild.

The Beast Curse

Similar to a werewolf curse, stillborn of the Kage Family turn into a beast-like form when they go to the surface, and become meat hungry. They grow twice in size with muscle and bone mass, they grow ogre-like fangs on the bottom row of their mouths, stronger teeth and jaws, and tough nails. MORE TO BE EXPLAINED LATER.


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