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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post  Lusor on Thu May 26, 2011 5:36 am

Listed below are the rules. Breaking of these rules can result in a warning, deletion of a post or thread, deleting/banning of your account, and so on, depending on the gravity of your act. You are expected to know and follow all of these rules as soon as you have signed up on the forum.


Do NOT swear. Do NOT curse. Do NOT use foul language.
We do not want members complaining about abusive language that is used against them. We want an environment that does not scare possible new members off. Talk to each other like mature people, and be polite.

EVERYONE is equal.
Racial or sexist comments are not tolerated on this forum. Only while playing a role of a character that is racist or sexist, you can imply this in the speech of this person. HOWEVER, remain mild, try to avoid insulting people, do not exaggerate.

Do NOT flood. Do NOT spam. Do NOT double-post.
Be patient. Wait for people to answer. Post not several times after each other. Even if your posts contain different content and information, it can become quite disturbing.

Posting criticism.
When a topic is about asking an opinion, make sure to write your comment in depth. Never post solely negative reactions. Also, try to explain why you think something is positive or negative. This can result in improvement.

Post in the RIGHT topic. Stay ON-topic.
The division and subdivision is quite clear. You are not supposed to post a role play topic in the information section or babble about random stuff in the role play zone. Also, the title of the topic is supposed to point out what the thread is about. Do not go off-topic.


It is up to YOU to decide what topics you want to get an e-mail in your inbox from. Moderators nor administrators can change your settings on that aspect. Do not post complaints about this, nor bother the admins or mods about this.


Do NOT demand info.
It is allowed to ask other members for personal information, but if they do not want to give it, do not keep on asking: people need their privacy.

Do NOT give away info.
If people ask for personal information, you are allowed to tell, but it is not our responsibility what happens with this information. This is still the internet. Most of the information in your profile, as well, is optional. We do NOT ask of you to fill it all out.


NO pornography.
Pornographic images are not allowed. You can NOT post them in topics, NOR are you allowed to put them as your profile image. Topics that contain explicit content should be marked in the title or they will be removed without hesitation.

NO copyrighted material.
We do not allow you to use copyrighted material, text nor images, in your profile or posts. It is absolutely not tolerated to use the work of someone else and claim it as your own.

NO use of material without reference.
To continue on last rule, you are in general not allowed to use other sources without the exact reference. Rp realms can be owned by a person or a group of people, so ask their written permission before using it. Even if there is no official copyright on stuff like this, do NOT use it without reference, nor claim it as your own


Use language that is suitable for ALL audiences.
Not only foul and racist language should be absent, but explicit content, especially on the sexual aspect, is only appropriate for age 18+. Minors are not supposed to read nor write such content.

Bleeping out
Moderators are allowed to bleep out words that are inappropriate or make the content unsuitable for minors (a few fucks or shits can be written though). If a post contains various such words, the forum post in question will be removed and the writer will get a warning, sometimes with additional consequences.


One Rex, two Reges. Our word for Admin. Up to you to decide if you are going to listen to them, but if you do not, you should not be surprised your account suddenly disappears. Reges have first say over choosing new Duces and Legati.

One Dux, two Duces. Our word for overall Mods. They are expected to be active members. Duces have first say over choosing new Legati. In the case a new Dux has to be chosen, they can always suggest someone.

One Legatus, two Legati. Our word for Mods who can only moderate a certain part of the LPC. They are expected to be active members. In the case a new Legatus has to be chosen, they can always suggest someone.

You CANNOT ask for promotions. These will be decided by the current board of Reges (for the Duces) or by both Reges and Duces (for the Legati). They will contact first the person they want to promote. Then they will either just appoint them, or allow you to co-decide. Complaints? Inbox one of the admins.

Complaints about the behaviour of moderators or administrators can always be sent to one of the Reges. If a member of the LPC's crew misbehaves, they will either get a warning or, in a graver situation, be demoted.

Chat Box Rules


Where to be found?
On the Portal of the LPC, you find the small chat box, from which you can still navigate to the rest of the forum.
You can also click the direct link that will bring you to the full-screen Chatango version.

An account.
Having a Chatango account for this chat box is advised, though not necessary. As we will not require you to create two accounts for the sake of this forum, you can use a temporary account name instead. However, do NOT remain anon. Do NOT use someone else's name. Do NOT conseal your identity.

Your opinion counts.
Do you really like the chat box? Do you think it's just a mess and everything should be kept on the OOC Zone of the forum? Please place a vote and an elaboration in the Chat Box On The Forum? thread. We certainly will not keep it up there if our community dislikes it.


Follow the forum rules.
No out-of-line language, no racism or discrimination, no spamming or flooding, no pornography or excessive violence, and so on. On this matter, the same goes as for the rest of the forum, of which the rules can be read just by scrolling up.

Rule breach.
Severe breach of the rule above will result in deletion of chat post, temporary or permanent ban. In the gravest cases, actions can be taken against the user's forum account as well. If you enter this risk zone, you will receive a warning.

Speak English.
English is the only language to be spoken on the chat. In the case of foreign sentences, translation must be provided subsequently. In the case of foreign blocks of text, an English summary must be provided subsequently. Avoid slang and do not use text or leet speak.

Be readable.
Do NOT use fonts, font size, font colours or background colours that make your chat posts difficult to read. On the other hand, screaming colours and huge font sizes are out of order as well. Do not try to stand out stylistically if it will annoy people.


The Chat Moderators.
The Reges and Duces of the forum are your chat moderators. Listen to them. Pay respect to them. If you think they crossed the line, address them kindly about it. No effect? Then you inform their superiors about the matter.

Private Messaging.
Please refrain from contacting the administrators and moderators about formal business in their Chatango private messages. Use the forum Private Messaging system or another more permanent medium instead.

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