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Race - De'la by Suspect

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Race - De'la by Suspect

Post  Das on Sat Mar 02, 2013 5:04 am

::::::::::::::::WORK IN PROGRESS::::::::::::::::

De'la[Day-LAH] Species: Statistical Data


The De'la race is a humanoid race of pure Royalty, possessing qualities similar to that of Humans. Although, while their physical appearance may seem human in nature, their being, is not. Over many generations, the bloodline of the De'la Family has grown to be one of the most famous and powerful bloodlines in their Galaxy, and to be apart of it was an honor. Known for their peak condition and their Abilities they acquire at birth, the De'la have proven to be one of the most powerful races of their Galaxy. Although, let it be known, that even as a Race of Royalty, this does not mean their entire population is of the same high standard. They are merely top of the class, and are considered to be above all other races(Only for those of Pure Blood). Those who are not pure blood are seen as underdogs in a way, since while they do hold the being of another species, they still hold royal "blood".

Quick Reference

Planet of Origin: Nai'ser
Distribution: Widespread, yet Focused -
Representative Population: 26,000
Gender Distribution: 43% Female 57% Male
Age Distribution: Infant: 9%, Child: 14%, Youth: 24%, Adult: 34%, Mature: 14%, Elder 5%
Growth Rate: 0.66%
Classes: Most Supported
Species Immunities: Energy Manipulation, Poisons(Insinuative, Inhalant, Contact),
Species Weaknesses: Telekinesis, High Powered Physical Attacks, Aura Cancellation(Which cancels out the immunity of Energy Manipulation), Magics

Physical Characteristics


The De'la is a humanoid race; except, they are more pale, leaning toward a more Mayonnaise color to their skin. They do not gain an excessive amount of weight, nor do they lose weight. When they consume food, it goes straight through them, only keeping what the body needs to stay healthy and fit; turning the consumed goods into energy, adding to their being. They are slim, have an athletic physique and quite often have Blue eyes. Rarely will their eyes be of different color, and if they are, it is a sign of an impure bloodline or rarity.


The De'la have always focused one extravagance and style, and seem to cherish it quite honorably. They will often dress themselves down in classy and/or showoffy jewelry and clothing to show their status as royalty. A common sign of Royalty for the High Counsel such as King, Queen, Prince and Princess, were wearing Masks and Horns or combinations of the two. Horns representing Dominance and Power while a Mask, on their planet, represented High Standing.

Female Typical Characteristics

Height: 158-180cm (5.2ft-5.9ft)
Weight: 52kg-59kg (115-130lbs)
Measurements: B81-91cmW55-61cmH81cm-91cm (32-36W22-24H32-36)
Bra Sizes: A-C

Male Typical Characteristics

Height: 165-186cm (5.4ft-6.1ft)
Weight: 58kg-61kg (129-135lbs)

Common Skin Tones

Rose-Water (Pale Pink)

Common Hair Colors

Black(100% Pure De'la Blood)
Dark Brown(75% De'la Blood)

Common Eye Pigmentation

Light Blue with or w/o White flecks(100% Pure De'la Blood)
Dark Blue with or w/o White flecks(75% De'la Blood)
Green(Less than 75% De'la Blood)
Other(Less than 50% De'la Blood)

Rare Eye Pigmentation

Red with or w/o White flecks(Rare Pure Blood)


Longevity: 250-300 Earth Years

Maturation(in years):

Infant 0-3
Child 4-13
Youth 14-23
Adult 24-99
Older Adult 100-200
Elder 201-300+

Significant Biological Characteristics

The Eye

The De'la eye is slightly more advanced than the typical human eye. In terms of photoreception the De'la eye possesses nearly double the number of cones than a typical human; this increased number of cones increases the De'la's ability to see in the dark. The lens of the eye is also more advanced, cultured of subtly changed protein structure allowing for more flexibility and increased adjustment. In the dark a De'la has nearly a hundred fold the sight of a human, the same applies to the light; however, if, like humans, they are adjusted to the dark, and suddenly exposed to light, they take longer to adjust than a human would.

Blood Chemistry

Unlike most humanoid beings, the De'la do not have blood cells; and to make it more clear, they do not have blood at all. Instead, much like the fact they do not have a Brain or Heart, so to speak, they have an Energy Flow. The De'la are composed of 75% energy on the inside, the rest is bone, Muscle and meat. Although, this doesn't mean they don't "Bleed" so to speak. If struck with enough force to penetrate their skin, when exposed to the air, the energy turns into a ooz-like substance that is a neon light blue in color. This energy flows throughout the body much like blood would flow throughout the Human body,except, the "Heart" doesn't necessarily pump it. The entire body does.

The Skin

The largest organ of the integumentary system made up of multiple layers of epithelial tissues that guard underlying muscles and organs. The skin of the De'la is supernaturally dense, allowing them to withstand harmful strains on the body such as crushing weights, impacts, pressures, and changes in temperature. This also explains their enhanced levels of strength and stamina, this is possible because of how hard their body has become, allowing them to resist tearing a muscle and/or their bones shattering easily. This also explains why the De'la have evolved into a race of natural mediate Invulnerability.

Nervous System

The De'la have 2x less the amount of nerve endings in their body than the typical human. While they have evolved over time to have a trained sense of feel, they feel less pain and can withstand it longer than the average human; and much like a human could, they can discipline their bodies to be able to withstand more pain than the average De'la.


Much like the Blood and "Heart", the Brain is made up of complete energy. It is not solid like a humans, but it is purely energy containing everything a Human Brain could; except, the De'la can use to 50% of their brain if they train themselves to access it. While the brain may just be pure energy, if the head is severed from the shoulders, then like a human, they would die. However, if within a Aura Canceling medical center, with the Energy Protective Aura brought down, Energy Manipulative Doctors of De'la kind can remove not only the brain, but the "Blood" and "Heart" completely from the body and can even put them inside another body if the previous body was too damaged to function. This is called, "Energy-To-Body Transfusion". They can even store the energy, keeping it locked up and safe until they can find a use for it; such as another body or fusing it with another De'la. They also use this energy to propel themselves to fly.


Reproduction is achieved through the sexual intercourse between male and female. The De'la has sex like any other human, except, the Women do not give birth. After the energy sperm is planted inside the energy egg of the female, it will turn into a pulsating neon red, and when this happens, the female is to report to a Medical Center and have the energy sack containing the early fetus removed and placed in a development chamber until 1 month before its birth. This is done to make sure the Bloodline remains clean, healthy and pure and undergo ability infusion. Then, they are given back to the mother and father 1 month before the sack containing the fetus dissolves. When the sack dissolves, the Baby will remain a bright neon blue for a year since it is mainly composed of pure energy, still developing. The babies are very fragile up until 3 years when their natural attributes start developing thoroughly.

Natural Abilities & Attributes
Overview: These are traits that every De'la have, regardless of the abilities they are given as a fetus. Although, the abilities and attributes they have can vary when it comes to the purity of bloodline. If they are not a pure-blood De'la, then the natural abilities can be different, and even nonexistent depending on the bloodline and how impure it is. Rest assured, when still a fetus, the Medic that give them their abilities only give them a Maximum of 2; but even 1 of these abilities can have many variables. Much like Kinetic Absorption.
These abilities and attributes do not require focus, nor a channeling of power. Nor do they require a preparation(Except for the Energy Propulsion, perhaps). These attributes are so common of the De'la, that to them, it's like Walking or Breathing for a Human. These are the NATURAL abilities and attributes, which means they can perform the following feats without issue or even a concentrated though.


Decelerated Aging: All De'la, even those are not of Pure Blood, age at a slow rate compared to Humans.(See Age Longevity & Maturation above) This causes them to live a long life, and even when traveling through time and space, their physical appearance will remain the same, unaffected by the rift.

Vacuum Adaptation: They are able to withstand atmospheres (heat intensity and any poisonous chemical elements), cosmic media (radiation) and strange gravity (even sometimes that of a black hole), lack of air and to perhaps propel oneself into space. The De'la are not beings that need to breath in order to live. This does not mean they do not intake air and other otherworldly things in the atmosphere. There are times when they do inhale and exhale, but this is not voluntary. [This Ability only applies to PURE Blood De'la only and beings of the Nai'ser Planet; UNLESS you choose to substitute this trait for the ability of another]

Energy Propulsion: This ability is something any De'la can do, but they must LEARN how to do it. This requires intense training and the focus of their inner energy. The user can use energy to fly, by emitting a burst of energy into the ground that sends them flying into the air. De'la can also do this by producing an aura of the energy which would levitate them. Although; they can not fly at intense speeds, nor for long amounts of time due to the fact they are using their own inner energy to use this ability. The result of using this ability usually causes drowsiness and lack of focus, as if they had been awake for almost 24 Hours.

Invulnerability: Over evolution, combined with their supernaturally dense tissue and Energy Tampering with the fetus' in the first reigns of the De'lacour's, the Dela have gained mediate Invulnerability. This Ability allows the Character to be invulnerable to Mediate amounts of Physical Damage, such as powerful Punches/Kicks, Energy Blasts, Explosive Blasts, Getting hit by a Car, and things of the like. This does NOT mean they can get hit by Explosive Blasts 100 times and suffer no consequence, it only means they can withstand these physical disciplines without issue for a short amount of time before succumbing to the effects. [The less pure the De'la, the less level of Invulnerability]

Superhuman Strength: The De'la are not the strongest of Races, and can actually almost be compared to a human when it comes to strength. The average De'la; Male or Female, have a strong Punch of 800lbs of Force. Max of 1103lbs of Force. Strong Kick of 1347lbs of Force. Max of 1721lbs of Force. [These attributes can vary depending on the Purity of Blood and hybrid races]

Superhuman Agility: The De'la can react faster than a normal human and to possess greater flexibility and with higher/farther jumping capacity. This is not only due to the fact they use more of their brain than a human, but because after Generations of De'la training their young to be constantly aware of what's going on back in the ages when the De'la were the Warriors of their planet, they are born innately having this ability, combing with their Senses(See Below). [These attributes can vary depending on the Purity of Blood and hybrid races]

Superhuman Senses: The De'la have a Nose that can smell distinguishing odors within 30 Yards. Ears able to naturally hear up to a mile away as if things were happening around them, and can concentrate hearing far better than others. Vision able to see clearly for up to a Mile and a sense Feel to be able to determine objects by touch.
[These attributes can vary depending on the Purity of Blood and hybrid races]

[Culture] The De'la Way


The De'la are a race of Royalty; primarily in the De'lacour Province of their planet; the largest and most powerful province on their family. Generations after generations have passed, and the Royal Family is now the De'lanoire's, a reigning Family of purity for more than half the reign of the De'lacour Province. The thoughts, opinions, and philosophy are taken very seriously and are considered worthy of cultivation to the fullest extent. In general, the De'la personality tends to be very complex and situational; it is hard to lay down a generalized model of what is “The De'la Way.” Some generalizations can be made, but they are not the rule by any means, merely some of the more popular commonalities.

Unifying Ideologies

Phalanx: Togetherness through Power

As a society, the De'la have learned that, the more there are of their kind, the more power and control they will have over their reigning province and even, the planet. Being the most powerful Province on their planet, they have claimed rule over it, and nobody, since the 4th reign(Now the 13th), has challenged their power. They have utilized this time to make sure they have the most impenetrable government and structure to make sure they remain in power, and each day, they look for new ways to become more powerful, which is now, like ancient royalty in the past have done, mate with their siblings in order to keep the Bloodline strong and pure while they have also taken the energy's of deceased and volunteered individuals, to engineer their powers and manually fixate them into newborn De'la, giving them absolute control over what they can do.

The Humans

De'la society tends to be divided into two major groups, called "Humans” and Hybrids or modifications of the two. They call one group "Humans" because of their studies proving that, while they are the same of kind, they are still different. And the reason they call these individuals "Humans" is because of their impure bloodline(Think of it as a Wizard calling another Wizard a "Mudblood").These groups generally impact every part of life; from career, politics, lifestyle, and belief. In the past this has caused great conflict, but in recent years, and the exposure to the understanding there are other species in the universe, there has been peace.

Killing the De'la is not as difficult as it may seem to be. A weakness for them are mental-based abilities, and, in some cases, immensely powerful physical attacks. While they do have supernaturally dense tissue, they also have mediate invulnerable ability, which protects them from powerful physical attacks. But, like anything else, they can only withstand powerful attacks for a certain amount of time before succumbing to the effects; much like how a human can take numerous punches to the arm before actually taking severe damage. Other than that, the De'la can be killed be normal means, so to speak; Such as: Severed Limbs-causing a form of bleeding out, Severing the head from the shoulders, Telekinetically destroying the brain, finding a way to break down their protective Aura and stealing their very life force-which is their energy, and magics.

When the De'la die, whether it be of natural causes, murder or suicide, the energy within them remains dormant for an Hour before fading away into nothing, leaving nothing left except a body of Meat and Bone. After the energy leaves the body, it decays 10x faster than the human body.

Quick Facts
Common Courtesy's of the De'la
  • Instead of Knocking, they make whistling sounds of different Birds to indicate their arrival. Each De'la usually have their own whistling pattern, and this is how they make their presence known.
  • They shake hands to close a Deal, regardless if Friend or Foe. It's a courtesy by law, and also an act of honor.
  • To impress the Female De'la, the males show off their Combat Skills while wearing Necklaces of Submission. This Necklace subdues the abilities and attributes of the De'la to a Human Level, rendering them powerless for as long as it is around their neck.
  • Female De'la are submissive to Males.
  • Royal De'la are rarely ever seen without wearing their Royal Piece, which is either a Mask, or Horns; or even Both.
  • The common Greeting of the De'la is, "Life of Noire" to which the other responds, "Or life no more." Or a more Slang greeting, they simply say. "Lon."
[More to be Added]

Interdimensional, Planetary, Galactical and Multiverse Travel
How do the De'la travel from their planet, to another; whether it be in the same Galaxy, different Galaxy, different Universe, or different dimension? Well, the answer varies; from methods of Teleportation, to Vehicles allowing such travel, and even simple Flight. As stated above, fetus are given abilities at birth, so this leaves chance for SOMEONE of the De'la to gain the ability to travel from one place to another in an instant without having to know exactly where they're going. The possibilities vary.

Then there are the vehicular methods. Like how Humans have NASA, the De'la have their own traveling organization; although, the technology is completely different, and requires a lot of sacrifice. You see, much like the De'la, their machines need energy in order to work, and the main source of Energy are the De'la themselves. They get this energy from the deceased, volunteers and criminals put on something like Death Row. This energy powers machines that create large orbs of AI Energy. Think of it like highly intelligent Jello. Then, the De'la step inside this orb of energy, becoming one with it and from that point on, the Orb will go wherever the De'la commands; whether it be a select location, or a random one. The De'la can simply say, "Multidimensional Search" and the Orb with appear above space itself, overlooking different galaxies and universes. All the De'la have to do, is simply choose one. It's somewhat of a long step-by-step process.
  • Multidimensional Search
  • Choose a Universe
  • Choose a Galaxy
  • Choose a Planet
  • Choose a Location
  • Arrive

Each choice you make takes about 5 minutes of travel, and the speed of which is so fast; it has been said to leave some in a comatose for up to an hour due to the feeling it leaves and the fact that everything surrounding the outside of the Orb is like a bunch of Colors flying by all at once before coming to an immediate stop. After arriving at your destination, the De'la can step out, and the orb will go into a stealth mode state; becoming almost nonexistent until you need it again.

Deity's & The Royal Structure

Deity - Shay'an, The Energy Lord of De'la

Lord Shay'an was apart of the first Reign, and played one of the most important roles in the De'la takeover of the De'lacour Province(Then known as the Bermec Province). While he was not of the De'la Race, he aided in the De'la rise against the Bermecians; a Race of Barbaric Antics, yet, as intelligent as the modern Human. Back in those time, the De'lacour population was below One Thousand, and they were seen as a weak Race. Shay'an, a being with the dominion over Energy held sympathy for the De'lacours, and had a strong hatred for the Bermecians after they eradicated the rest of his Kind and added the Kroscenian Province to their own. Shay'an, seeing that the De'la were beings of Pure Energy, decided to utilize his abilities by Transferring excessive amounts of Energy over to each and every De'la, individually, over time.

He did this by flying into Space, standing in the path of Meteors and other Space Debris, absorbing all of the kinetic Energy until it put the maximum amount of strain on his body, then flying back to the De'la safehaven and transferring all the energy over to an individual. Once, he put so much strain on his body by gaining so much power, when he tried to dispense of some of it with his left hand, the entire are being paralyzed and dead, eventually falling off. The De'la were capable of storing excessive amounts of Energy with ease, and when Shay'an transferred these excessive amounts of energy, this jump started abilities the De'la did not recognize they had. They felt powerful, unbeatable and discovered they each had a unique ability of their own, making them each unique in themselves.
This went on for 3 Nai'serian Years(6 Earth Years) and The Bermecian's, suspected nothing. Over time, Shay'an had formed a High Order, which including himself, Lord Grandeil, Lady Abish and Lady Abegail. Although, while they were of High Order, even they still worshiped Shay'an, calling him a God and a Savior. Soon, after years of excessive training, the De'la each spread out throughout the Province like a virus and began eliminating each and every Bermecian; taking what resources they needed and wanted and eventually, made it around to the Royal Bermecians. Shay'an himself, killed the Royal Family and proclaimed himself High Ruler of the newly acquired province.
Naming the Province "De'lacour", after the De'la Family that once ruled, he returned the Crown to them and declared them the Royal Family. After the bodies of the fallen De'la had been recovered, Shay'an discovered their energy within them, remained active. This mean that even after death, they were still alive in some form. Removing the energy from the indigenous body, he stored it within himself, and discovered he took on some of the traits of the one he absorbed; including Personality and Unique Abilities.
This, birthed the idea of reincarnation and Selective Power Transferal. Shay'an got a hold of some of the De'la that were like him in a way; able to manipulate Energy, including their own. He proclaimed them Medics, used to do Energy Storage and Transferals whilst making sure the De'la remain powerful with each birth.
After the takeover of the Province, many wars came after that, and every time, with the help of Shay'an, they were won with ease. Outliving the original thousand, he became known as a God by those after them. Shay'an proclaimed them a race of Pure Royalty, and when he realized his days were coming to an end, he performed Energy Transaction on himself within the presence of Medics, and placed his very essence within the Energy Pool, where the Energy & Essence of De'la were put, combining himself with them. When this was done, his physical form had died soon after, and with the help of the ability of a De'la, he was turned into an invulnerable stone and placed within a Golden Casket within the Royal House Sanctuary along with the rest of the Original High Order.
From then on, and to this day, Shay'an is worshiped as a God. It is law to disrespect him and his memory, along with the rest of the ancient High Order. And it is said that those who do, soon die of unknown causes. But.. this is only a myth.


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