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Dakota's Characters

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Dakota's Characters

Post  Dakota on Sun Dec 16, 2012 6:41 pm

Name: Celestian Valentine Wayland

Role in the Capitol: Head GameKeeper

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: Six foot six 6''6'

Weight: 174.6 LB's

Physical description: Deep blue/Hazel eyes, long legs (Longer than his torso, causing him to have long graceful strides) His favorite clothes include his personally designed Raven feathered fashion line. These clothings feature a head piece, that ha shiney black feathers pointed backwards, and a robe that is entirely made of Jabberjay Feathers and skin. He would rarely be seen in casual clothes, perhaps a dressy Tux, accompanied by sparkles by the eyes, or wings painted onto the edges of his eyes.

Distinguishing characteristic: Several silver piercings along with his full arm tattoo, or a Black rose bud on the back of his right palm that seemed to dance with his movements, as well as the branch of the Rose, running up coiling around his arm, ending at his shoulder.

Family ties: N/A

Interests: Men, Women, Fighting, The Hunger Games, Jace wayland, Valentine Morgenstern, Fighting, Designing, Ultimate designs.

Phobias: Love.

Character history: Celestian pretty much grew up In a … 'Well Connected' establishment. He had gotten his full name, named after several religions and great stories. Greek, Christian, as well as Norse. He had always had a taste for design, from the moment he made his first sandwich at home, when he was six. His parents had died four years later in a fatal accident inside of the capital. He always thought of them before every design, always trying to find a way to re-create them as a Mutt, just to see their faces again. Due to regulations, It could not happen.. though personally, he had wanted to do it every day. In the future, when he was a teenager. He had a great life, he had the money, the girls, the guys, almost everything he wanted.. Living in the Capital building with his Aunt. When he was 22, he was almost immediately promoted from Designer, to Head Gameskeeper because of his Talent of twisted Design, and Ideas. From his childhood, he had met the Future President, becoming a good friend. Working with her everyday, was a hobby of his because they share some of the same interests. His mind, dwells of insane killing, Ideas of Mutts for the contestants... And deadly traps, that may await them.


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Kage Ivanov

Post  Dakota on Sun Dec 16, 2012 6:44 pm

Name: Kage Ehret Ivanov

What everyone Calls you: Kage, Doctor

Age&Birth: Twenty seven

Assassin Type: Ex-Military, Ex-Holocaust, Inventor.

Weapons used or Preferred: Hands, lethal injection, poison, specialized weapons.

Hair: Black, shaved to one side.

Eyes: Pale green

Height: 6'2

Weight: 154

Herritage: German

Bio: As a child, Kage was sent to a German Nazi ran camp called Auschwitz. There, he had ran face to face with a man called Josef Mengele, otherwise known as 'The Angel of Death.' This man had influenced Kage's life forever. Kage had a twin, his name was Andrei. But he had not survived Josef's expirimentations. Josef was said to have done some scientific work on twins, well. Kage was a special case. Josef had begun to see Kage's natural gift of excellerated senses, so he tried his best to inhance them further, without causing death or mutation. Many injections were needed, as shown the scars on Kage's right arm.
Kage had been one of the few surviving twins of the Holocaust, and had grown up militarily, wanting to gain revenge upon the Germans. But midst through his service, he had began to remember all what Josef had done to him. After all, he was human. His memories corrupted him. He had began to do again, what Josef had tried to do to Kage. Expiroment on young children. He had killed, nearly a hundred before one of his colleauges ratted him out, and resulted in banishment.

One of Kage's expiroments, was on himself. He was ageless, and could not age. A curse he bore upon himself to live up to for the rest of his life.


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Post  Dakota on Sun Dec 16, 2012 6:46 pm

Name: Dakota ''Physcho''
Age: Two hundrend and five Thousand years.
Species: Shapeshifter, Dreadlord, Vampire, Werewolf, Dhampire, human, orc, elf, Drow, Cyborg, Titan, god, Ethreal being. (Mainly, his species is an Essence of an unknown Greek Diety.)

Physcho has practiced the arts of Necromancy, the art of undeath practices, that deem deadly to unwerey souls. Dakota has the ability of telekenesis that also allows him to control the common items, or things around his being. and the main elements includeing those affiliated with them. Fire, Air, Ice, Water, Slate, Rock, Earth, Wood, Darkness, Shadow, Light, Sunlight, Nature, And any metal alloy. His rare but built in abilities include...
Summons of familiars
Creation of fledglings
Superhuman strength
Superhuman speed
Superhuman regenerative abilities
Time Perception
Virtual Immortality (Somewhat like Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen. He can die, but he can re-appear at will anywhere he wishes.)

Shapeshifting: Dakota has many forms, but these are the most commonly used of them all.

Drainai demonic form.

Humanoid Raigillian form.

Average everyday form.

Completely, sane, yet insane, pissed off, at full power human form. (On the verge of total chaos.)

The void - The void allows Physcho and his brothers to teleport to any which place or time they wish. The void is a demonic place that was created by his brother. Varimatharas, Now that he had takena leave, and had been successed by Auroth. He is to be alive in somewhat another form of life. Dakota has the power to enter the void, as he is one of the three gatekeepers of this such thing. Only him and his bloodbrothers may even dare to enter the void, as the realms specifities are set to only them. The void can be used as a torture realm, used to interrogate others, or simple murder them by the mixed polarities. The void exists on a very, makeshift realm of destruction, located in the Realm of the Drae'nai.

Physcho's main language is considered un-enturpretable to any other man or thing knwon to mankind. Not even the most skilled of mind readers could reframe this language. His language is native to him and his brother's considerable Tribal Language. No man but blood relatives to the Dreadlords can dechipher such cominations of verbal linguistics. His main influence of Accent, changes with the power shifts of those around him. If those around him are american, the strongest voice has much influence on his own, as he is a spirit, and does not have his own voice to speak with.

Telekenisis: Physcho may, and more than likely will Use a mind long on every one of his weapons, causing it to be controlled or held by only himself, or those he wishes. These weapons can be altered in any way, and be broken quite easily if struck the right way. They are very .. very sharp and elidgable to be destructive. Useing his telekenesis on his weapons, allows faster movement, and he doesnt have to be holding them to use them. If he uses a bulllet from one of his revolvers, he may use telekenesis to speed it up ten times it's average speed.

Eyesight: Physcho's ability to see miles ahead of him, and the somewhat future, was given to him in an unlikely situation, the scars upon his face prove he was such one of war. His enhanced eyesight allows him to see bullets fly past his head, Allowing him to dodge, or catch them at will. Similar to 10/20 vision, these pair of speculated eyes seem to magnify, and slow down Dakota's perception f 'time' and 'Space'. Allowing him to move faster than others, and if others attempt to move at very high speeds, Dakota would be able to see that as a such meer, movement.

Physcho's abilitys also allow him to conjure any weapon he pleases, in his mixture of smoke and darkness, when compacted allows any which form or thing, in this mix he would Mind lock these instruments of destruction so only him may conjure or use them. Dakota had and still has, the ability to manipulate and generate Electricity and Tesla/Lightning from his body. His bodyily mass of Essence, a.k.a His 'Smoke/ darkness' Renders itself to be able to compact itself to a rather dangerous form of solid compacity, allowing physical objects to be made form it's matter.

Main weaponry used:

Hooked daggers.

(Also created from Dakota's own materia.)

Edged Katana

Familiars: The ability to create from himself, and his mind and body a familiar form of himself with nearly embedded with all or most of his own powers, and or the soul of the ones he has obsorbed or killed in the past.

Main familiar to likely be summoned: Alucard

Fledglings: 'Pets' Or, 'Creations' Dakota may summon these useing some energy, but also useing his own material and with the surrounding elements.

The Jackal.
Abilities: Ravaging Ghost-like creature, known to tear the living hell out of it's victims, Nearly invisible without the right technology.

The Basilisk: A flaming serpent, usually in the form of a snake or reptile form, could have an effect that if looked directly in the eye, could turn the victim to a solid petrified state of condition.

Likes: Knives, swords, flint, maces, axes, blood, manslaughter, torture, Black, Chains, Spikes, Blade tips, Serated edges, Flat whips, Spiked whips, Guns, Smoke, Bullets, Screams, Terror, And Cats.

Dislikes: Haters, Water, Teletubbies, The asley simpson, The Arabs, The americas, The condoms, The death, The zombies, The vaginas. Electricity, and Tesla coils used in the form of Dangerous lightning.

About Physcho:

Dakota's weaknesses are so very simple, but no one wishes to see them. Dakota is an essence... An essence is a spirit of some sort, and if this spirit were to enhance itself, into anothers body, if the other is conscience, or a friend of thy body's can put a Seal on the body, and make Dakota trapped inside of the mortal body, or murder him after entrapped inside. Another way, is to combine the Item's his soul were split into... A dagger, his daughter, His ring, and his Blood.


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Post  Dakota on Sun Dec 16, 2012 6:47 pm

Name: Cazador 'Cazz' Cilantro

Age: Twenty four

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual


Personality: Smooth, calm, destructive when angered.

Sin: Greed

Brief Bio: In his adolsence, Cazz has been in a major accident, including the de-limbnation of his arms, legs, and most of his abdominal cavity.

Crime Specialty: Marksmen, Sniper, Close range combat.

Other: Cazz is a half-human half-cybornetic man.


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Re: Dakota's Characters

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