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Magen Kumquat's Characters

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Magen Kumquat's Characters

Post  Magen_Kumquat on Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:35 am

Here will exist my character's one per post, aside from this first post which may contain important information/updates about the characters below.

Character List
Zero - The Sprite Magician

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Re: Magen Kumquat's Characters

Post  Magen_Kumquat on Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:43 am

First character
Full Name:
Zero (We do not know if that is an alias but he responds to that name ).

His full name is: Zero Azure Loquat

Character Title:Lone Azure-Black Leading Musical Prankster

Aliases and nicknames:
Alias:The Azure Musician


Pure-Blood Sprite?$1

He is indeed a Pure-Blood Sprite

Little is known about his past asides from the fact that his parents are both musicians. He was and still is unaware of who they are. He was told that he was left in an orphanage with the instrument (violin) he currently possesses.

He was indeed born by parents who are both musicians. He was born in main city of Sprites and was left at the orphanage there. It was suggested by his caretakers that he explore the human world because they adore music and he might enjoy the world outside and he did.

He has kin whom also carry instruments similar to his ( more below ). However, as of this time, he knows only of this fact. He doesn’t know who they are nor what they look like. Like them, he can only recognize them from the instruments.

  • None?


He has both a mother and father, although I haven't designed them just yet. He does have one younger sister who can play the flute and an older brother who can play the drums. With his father on the piano and mother singing, they have an instrumental quartet.

Perhaps it is his nature or perhaps it is due to his past but Zero doesn’t have friends because he is a rurouni. His goal is to play music and while he does have friends in places, he doesn’t know of their name and tends not to associate with them for too long. Yet wherever he places, people will gather and try to be his friend.

His only foe is but time. To find his kin is his goal and only time can stop him… for now.

He is a musician (violinist) and can play very well. His music attracts attention, which he sometimes detest but it shows how well he can play. His music can heal people and give them hope. It has a wondrous tune that few forget. While others may forget about him as he leaves, they will always remember the tunes he left in their heart.

In addition to playing music, we can write scores of music and “read them” and hear the tunes inside his head. People have observed him humming the tunes as he reads them. We think that he knows of the rich heritage of music and explores that to no end only because he can play many different forms of music quite easily. Perhaps he has other hobbies, but we are unaware of this fact.

On the stage, his motions and gestures are elegant and beautiful. While he does make mistakes by playing the wrong note, he corrects them and the crowd rarely notices. He is made for the stage and enjoys the action.

Off stage, he is shy of crowds and large groups of people. He is introverted to strangers but can open up to people he knows well, as we have observed with other sprites. He can be clumsy at times, writing down the wrong note or doing the wrong task, but that is a part of his charm, as many have noted. Perhaps that’s why people like his music, as his music is imperfect.

People usually don’t bother him since he always seems busy working on notes but they do give him space, usually. A few fans bother him as they want his autography or want him to play for them, but he often ignores them or just leaves.

However, this does not mean he is anti-social. He can and does talk to people as needed. Few are heard his voice and some say that is his second instrument. His voice is sweet and he is aware of this fact.

Perhaps that’s why he doesn’t talk a lot. If he did, he would have hundreds of more fans that he doesn’t like nor want. However, that being said, he doesn’t dislike them and rarely does he try to actively avoid fans.

The only conclusion people can come up with is this:
When he expresses himself in any form, he will have a listener. When he needs space, people usually give it. But like the wind, he comes and goes without a trace. Few know of his clumsy side but everyone never asks. Its like an implicit rule agreed upon by others.

In his normal life, he is usually focused and alert. He is a morning person but can be seen in music concerts playing his favorite songs for hours at night. He is diligent and focused in what he does but sometimes he can be seen lost in towns, trying to find the concert hall.

Religious beliefs
We don’t know this but we can perhaps say that if he had a religion, it would be music. Perhaps one can say his pieces are his sermons.

Method of thinking:
His method is fast but creative. He prefers to explore out different riffs and can often he seen, playing different sets of notes together. Aside from these tangible events, people know little about what he thinks or how he conceives his ideas.

His goal is to find his kin. When we was left at the orphanage, his parents left him with his instrument and a note. The note told him about his kin and how they, like him, are looking for each other. Perhaps it is a cruel joke but perhaps there is a reason for his madness. Only time will tell.

He has but only a few noticeable habits. He always uses a quill to write and always writes with his right hand. He prefers to write on paper atop desks/table but people have observed him writing his ideas on his notepad atop his violin case.
Because of his profession, he usually sits correctly, even when what he is sitting on has no back.

He likes to buy large drinks and always finishes them. Rarely does he carry drinks with him, but he does carry a few snack bars, as he travels. He prefers wine over water but has also been seen drinking tea.

He always orders a random dish and we have observed no distinct patterns of what he will order. We can only state that, we order exactly one main dish, two side dishes, one dessert and usually drinks some form of wine.

One also notices that he attends fancy ballroom events and often can be seen, dancing with women and talking to men. We do not know if this is forced, that is the concert hall owner is trying to repay him, or that he does this on his own free will. That being said, we can state that he does enjoy this, due to his facial expressions and everyone seems to enjoy him. (As of the time of writing, we don’t know if he has a lover or perhaps even children. Perhaps we may never know due to his silent and mysterious personality. )


  • Perhaps the strangest detail about Zero is that is indeed a capable fighter. While his musical talent, seems to imply that he knows nothing of the world of combat, his past actions imply otherwise.

    His weapon of choice is in fact his violin. He can be seen playing his music on the battlefield. Unlike the concert hall, his songs create notes from his violin. These, usually quarter notes, fly and have distinct properties.

    Some seem to explode on impact knocking his enemies. Others seem to inflict confusion or lull people into a more peaceful mood. His music seems to heal people, mentally, and increase their morale. Rarely is his seen alone in combat, but as we have seen, his is a strong force.

  • Aside from combat, he is a wonderful musician that people seem to love and enjoy. His notes seem to bring peaceful and joy to all that hear it so one can say it is a magical experience.

  • At libraries, people have noticed him going through a large amount of books in a short amount of time, skimming 3-5 books per hour. We don’t know what he is looking for, but we know that is usually returns the books in their rightful place before he leaves.

  • He is a clean and tidy person and as we have noticed, as rarely is anything out of place, on his clothes. We have some insight of his domestic skills, as his hotel room is very clean and looks likes it was before he occupied the room. That being said though, sometimes he is forgetful and leaves the bed unmade.

  • We have observed the fact that he has eaten many bizarre foods with little or no effort. As stated by his human comrades on the battlefield, he is self-sufficient to some degree in the field. He is capable of building a small hut with the bare essentials ( a fire, a raised bed, and a dry interior ). These huts are usually abandoned, and one can usually tell where Zero has been by the age of the huts that have littered the landscape. Some like it but others hate it.

  • As of current, no one has observed his creating medicine, using herbs, using magic or the related. However, one can say that his music is magical.

General health

  • We have observed that his is rarely ill and is of good heath. We have noticed that that he sometimes is deprived of sleep but we don’t know why.

  • He has been recorded in the hospital a few times due to his tiredness. Even then, he still has fans visiting them, some of which include the medical staff itself.

Physical disabilities
We don’t know of his disabilities but we know that has been in a wheel chair once before. At that time he had no cast or visible disabilities at that time.

Mental disabilities
None to note, unless one counts his focus on music as one.


  • He usually sleeps a night but we have observed his taking naps on trees and the like. This occurs less frequently, only because a crowd surrounds him when he wakes up. This makes it hard for him to travel sometimes as he is usually unable to leave until he plays a piece for the crowd.


  • As far as he know, he is 100% $1 Sprite and has a normal, organic skin. He has no tattoos or scars.

  • His skin color is Atomic tangerine

  • He have observed him once before smiling with dimples. They only appear when we smiles a certain way and we have not seen this sense. We don’t know, however, if he actually his dimples or just an illusion not as this source is not reliable.

  • No scars recorded.

  • No tattoos seen.

  • No piercings.


  • They are almond shaped.

  • He has Ao green color eyes.

  • They are average on the face and are close together.

  • His eyebrows are on the thin side.

  • His eyelashes are short but noticeable.

  • We have not observed issues relating to his vision. That being said we have seen him wearing his infamous silver glass frames, without any lens. For formals parties he has been seen with a monocle.


  • He has a small Western nose.

  • For a sprite, he is tall at five feet two inches. They are usually shorter much at three or four feet. However, compared to humans, he is short.

  • His nasal bridge is small.

  • We do not know if his has ever been drunk, as he does frequent bars but never had any drinks. Usually his face is emotionless but he does smile.


  • A sprite’s ears is much like a humans and have no visual differences. His have an average ear about five inches or so tall.

  • His earlobes are attached to his head.

  • As stated before he is five feet two inches. As a sprite he has a wingspan of about five feet or so. Due to his larger size, he does not frequently flies but his wings are visible most of the time, and everyone seems to not mind nor care of it.

  • A sprite is similar to a human so his head is atop his body.

  • Sprites usually have better hearing and can usually hear from a range of 1hz to 50khz. He can see further than a normal human but we don’t know how much better, when compared to other sprites.

  • We do not know how flexible he is, as we have never observed him in a gym before.


  • This mouth below his nose, much like a human/sprite

  • Because of this sprite heritage, his mouth is smaller than the average human.

  • He is often seen smiling and we have never seen him angry. Perhaps one day, this might happen. His lips are cherry red and shaped much like a human’s.

  • His teeth are all white and he still has his wisdom teeth. We don’t know why or if having wisdom teeth for a sprite is useful or not.


  • He has an oval face.

  • He does not have a cleft chin, it has a square shape much like a human male.

  • He forehead is not visible as his hair covers it.

  • As of the time of writing, everyone recognizes him but is unable to take a picture of time. Eerily enough, he seems to be able to disappear when someone pulls out a camera. We don’t know if he is camera shy or just fearful of cameras in general.


  • He has a taupe gray hair color. We do not know if this is his natural hair color.

  • His hair is long enough to cover his forehead completely and part of eye sometimes. Sometimes it covers his eyes as well but rarely is it longer than this.

  • His hair is straight.

  • Usually the hair on the front of his head is longer than it is on the back of his head. We don’t know why he chose this, but he has been consistent with this for years.

  • He has no beard nor mustache, as sprites do not have them.

  • We have seen his hair longer, in the past. The hair usually is tied up with a hairpin holding it up. We don’t know if he knows how to tie up hair, or if it was done by one of his fans. This happened when he first started playing live. However, we have not seen his hair in this form since his third concert.


  • He has a slim, but tall body type.

  • We have not observed body hair on him.

  • His skeleton and muscle system is much like humans, as humans and sprites are similar to one another.

  • He has two arms much like a human with five fingers on each hand. He has two legs and feet at the end of those each with five toes. His skin is smoother than an average human, as stated by some of his fans who got a little too close to him. These fans, were noted to have lost their clothing and left on park benches $2, after they made contact with his wings. However, all other personal belongs were left nearby their owners. We do not know if this is done in smite or humor.

  • His wings have a snow white color and have a very hard feel to them. As sprites are related to fairies, they do look like they belong on a fairy. Unlike fairies, their color is more opaque and solid.


  • As stated before he is five feet two inches.

  • We do not have this exactly number but we estimate to be less than 40 kilograms, given the fact that he can fly.

  • We do not know what his blood type is because we have no instruments to record it. We only know, that is lasts longer, outside the body and that fact that it is denser than a human’s, making it much harder to take blood.

  • He body temperate is 35C.


  • Professional Clothing:
    His professional attire makes him look like a band leader. His top is an azure suit, with a back piece that extends below his butt (this is what he sits on). Underneath he has a black vest. He is noted for having a silver pocket watch, sitting in the left pocket of his vest.

    His bottom is a matching azure trouser. These have gold on the cuffs with designs that make it look like a fire. He wears leather shoes that are usually spotless and even reflective at times.

  • Accessories:
    - He usually wears a silver glass frame. The lenses, if it had them, are circular. Other times we have seen him with a monocle instead. Like the glasses, there are no lenses on them.
    - He has no hair accessories, but does wear a top hat that is indeed black.
    - His suit does have cuffs, with quarter notes on this.
    - He is often seen carrying his violin and bow in a midnight blue leather case. The instrument looks glass-like in nature but we don’t know what exactly it is made of. We have seen him use the bow, as a sword and noted that it is sharper than the sword, and can cut metal. The string part is as hard as a sword, but by itself cannot cut metal. The frame, however can. In any case, the bow itself remain scratch free from all its use in combat.

  • Weapons:
    His instrument is his weapon.

  • Usual Clothing:
    Outside of work, he has been seen, wearing shirts of all colors all with a picture of his violin and a azure coat on top of that. The coat itself has his pocket watch and glass frame.

    His bottom is usually an azure short matching his top. The back pockets have buttons, which have the same design as his cuffs on his suit. The cuffs of his shorts look like piano keys. He is seen with black military boots.

  • Accessories:
    - He is only seen wearing his glass frame when he is reading.
    - He has been seen with a crimson bag with his instrument case tied on that with a gold-colored rope
    - He know that he sometimes uses his quill and he also has an ink bottle with him. He has a few books, due to the crimson bag’s shape but we don’t know what they are nor even if he changes them from time to time.

  • Weapons:
    He has no weapons on him but we would be cautious to approach him then, as he knows how to depend himself with his bow.

Sprites are shy of nature and weary of humans, so we are unable to determine where he lives. He only know that he does stay at the homes of other sprites. We have tried to interview these sprites, but often we are left dazed and naked on nearby park benches with our clothing neatly folded and placed close by. $2 We do not know, if this is done playfully, as sprites are known to play tricks, or simply because they are wary of humans and do not like us in our territory. That being said, we will find out at some point.

We do, however, see him eventually return home to the city of sprites. However, no human has ever been able to set foot in there and probably never well. He has disappeared for weeks on end there when he does visit but we don’t know what he does there.

City of Sprites:

  • It is hidden behind clouds. We have observed large tall buildings of many different colors.

  • It is a strange floating island flying in the sky. We have seen him flying there many times, with trouble but he always makes it. The “airport” if one may call is that is made of some glass-like material. We posture that it is the same material that is used in his instrument. These are many different colors and we assume they have some meaning behind it.

  • We have observed many sprites leaving to and fro daily and have only concluded that it is a large city of a population of easily one million sprites. It is self-sustaining, as we have seen sprites carrying only their personal belongings when they do visit. We have not, however, seen anyone else with a similar instrument to his.

  • The place has been there, as far as we can tell, for ages. However, we know that sprites are mischievous so we don’t know if it is an illusion or if there are multiple cities. We have observed sprites disappearing into many different clouds, some of which without the airport, for days and don’t know if these smaller clouds are towns or the like. All attempts to visit this place have failed as we seem to fly through the cloud in mere seconds, observing nothing of interest.

    Inventory (1/16):
  • Applecot Bar x 3 - Food for thought for the wandering musician.
  • ... x 0 - Desc

    Key Item:
  • Azure Crystal Violin + Bow - A mysterious musical instrument, given to him at birth. Besides playing music, it is a weapon to strike the heart but also the body.

  • Azure Violin Case - This case can hold a violin, bow as well as some paper and a writing utensil. Unlike other cases though, it will only open to the right user. It has a black sturdy handle on the side.

  • Pocket Watch - This is one of his few frivolous possession. This silver device tells him time.

  • Notepad - This contains all his notes and can easily fit inside his case.

  • White Feather Pen + Ink - This is his writing tool of choice. It can last for months, and need only be sharpened. Comes with ink.

  • Red Bag - Not a bag of holding, but it has sundry goods and as well as the above.

Move List:

  • (S-Rank Special) Symphonic Rain -
    Zero begins plays a sorrow tune on his violin. The clouds come in but it rains clouds. The notes, from whole notes to sixteenth notes, fill the air. The enemies suffer from insanity, as their ears bleed. They become weak, weary, ill and tired while Zero and his allies, becomes faster and stronger in the tide of chords. The instrument, once the first three measures are played, will finish the song without Zero's intervention, allowing him to advance.
    The storm persists for about two minutes, with a fifteen second warmup time and five minute cooldown.

  • (A-Rank) Chordtet Support
    Zero plays his violin and a baseline piano appears behind him, with drums and a flute to boot. All these instruments release out notes, that fly to targets to deal damage. So long as they can hear the music, they will be effected by it. The instruments can follow people, exception of Zero's violin. In that case he must follow the target.
    Mode A Morale is shunt, the body becomes ill and the target becomes fatigued and heavy. They take less damage than Saber Overture but are mentally less willing to fight.
    Mode B The body feels lighter and stronger as the soul is strengthed. They heal slower than Saber Overture, but combat accuracy is incrased and can deal slightly (110%) more damage.
    Mode C The target becomes deaf to everything but the song. They feel sluggish and heavy but are otherwise ok.
    Mode D The target can understand Zero instantly, without actually having heard him say anything. Zero likewise, can understand the target perfect.
    Thus they can communicate, so long as the target can hear the notes.

    The group exists for one minute. At most, two instruments can follow one target. Cool down two minutes. Up to four different targets max and effects cannot be switched once selected.

  • (B-Rank) Saber Overture
    Zero uses his bow as a conductor as hums out a tune. On every beat, for the next eight beats, a green note is created from the bow. On the eight beat, the notes fly to their intended target(s).
    Mode A This can deals small physical damage but also reduce morale.
    Mode B It can slowly heal the mind and body.
    Configurations: ( 4 targets, 2 notes; 2 targets, 4 notes; 1 target, 8 notes ) The mode must be selected for each set of note for the target
    Cooldown:1 minutes. Requires 8 seconds to complete all 8 notes. Each note cannot change mode, once created and set.

  • (Non-Combat Skill) Mic Staff
    Zero can temporarily sing one song perfectly with the correct pitch. The genre of the song will determine the effect Zero has on the listener.
    Rock: + Morale
    Pop: + Hope
    Country: + Openess
    Blues: + Kindness
    R&B: + Wisdom
    Jazz: + Knowledge
    Hip Hop: + Happiness
    Rap: + Pride
    Other: + Clear Mind
    The cool down is the song is the four times the length of the song sung or 12 minutes, whichever is longer. This will effect all targets that can hear Zero's voice. The effects are temporary and last for five times the length of the song or 15 minutes, which is longer. If the song is not fully song, the effect will not happen, and the ability can be used again, instantly.

  • (Non-Combat Skill) Harmonic Shot
    Zero holds his bow and pulls the string. He follows throuh in form (as the bow string cannot be stretched that far ) and a magical crimson arrow appears. He can fill the arrow this musical thoughts or his voice for fifteen seconds before releasing it. He can "release" it and hit a target from afar. When released a treble cleft appears and five lines appear behind it, much like a line from sheet music. The arrow travels, while notes are created. These are some of his new ideas. Once the arrow strikes a hard surface or person, the lines disappear dropping the notes onto people.
    The people can listen to the note and the target will hear everything on the measures of music. The target and people will be in a better mood.
    He will initially have on him 20 arrows. He gets a new arrow once per two minutes until full. He can communicate with people (one-way) via this method . No one one else, except for the target will hear his message.

He has appeared years ago as a young sprite, playing his music in front of stores. At that time, people loved him and would often throw in candy and gold in his violin case.

Many have noted that his violin case is full of gold at the end of the day so money is never an option then. We do not know of they were made to do so from his song, or just felt bad that a child was made to play music for money.

We do not know where all his money is stored but we have seen him with a wallet. He is paid well for his music with his concerts and he graciously accepts the offering. We have seen him donate sufficiently large potions of his gains to charity so we don’t know what he does with the rest. Some say he uses to help his city but others see him using that money on frivolous purchases. This question, as with others adds to his mysteriousness.

He still travels around playing his music. We don’t know where he will travel but know where he is, only when he is playing his music.

Although, one might not see him, one can hear his sweet notes flowing through their ears. Many times we have observed him with other sprites but we don’t know how they are related.

This entry has been recorded in the book of musicians and collected by many individuals though their interactions and observations of him. Certain information may be withheld for the safely of the individuals mentioned in this writing. This writings are incomplete and may perhaps forever be due to the nature of the individuals.


$1 It may be possible that he is part sprite and human. However, these hybrids are typically unable to fly and cannot reach the city of sprites. That being said exceptions do exist and perhaps he is one of them. These hybrids, much like sprites, rarely open up to humans.

$2 While some fans may have lost their clothing, we have noted that they have not lost their personality or any other part of them and we have concluded that the act had no malicious intent. As of writing, we have no concrete conclusion as to why these actions are done. We can only state that the individuals affected left with good humor and have learned not to be too close to the individual in question.

Done in two passes in about three hours time.

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