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RP - For Dummies

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RP - For Dummies

Post  Hisao on Sat Sep 08, 2012 11:23 pm

This thread has been written on request. I do believe that even dummies can RP, so let's say a step-by-step guide is even more easy than the RP Basics. These are the basics of the basics. I put them in the simplest wordings I could. And if you don't get this introduction quote box, then no worries, the Dummy Guide is even more simplified.

Note: this thread is not meant to insult. However, if you are easily offended, in an emotional moment of your life or if you don't like the kind of humor used in here, feel free to close this out and find another guide, or to come back another time (aka when this no longer applies to you).


1. Are you brain dead?
YES -> Click the X in the top right corner.
NO -> Continue to (2).

2. Can you handle questions harder than this?
YES -> Try if the more complicated basic RP thread works out for you.
NO -> Continue to (3).

3. At any point of this list, if you do not understand the item, please reconsider question (1). What is the answer now?
YES -> Click the X in the top right corner.
NO -> Reconsider the question you were at. You may want to look up words in the dictionary or ask someone.

4. If a statement has no options for you to choose, please continue to the one below as soon as you understand.

5. RP means ROLE-PLAY. If you role-play, you play a role.

6. A role: a part or character.
Part - your role is not everyone and everything (only one person/thing).
Character - your role is not yourself, but someone else.

7. Play: to perform or to act; to amuse in.
Perform - requires a minimum of professionalism, skill, know-how.
Act - feel, move and talk like the character, not yourself.
Amuse in - enjoy yourself, you shouldn't be forced to.

8. RP Words of Wisdom:
Your character wrote:Dafuq is RP?

9. Sometimes, the limit to character creation is as far as your imagination.
If your own imagination is not enough, please ask kindly to someone else if he/she is willing to lend theirs. If not, google or this forum are valid alternatives.

10. Sometimes, you have a certain amount of options to choose your character from.
In that case, it is more than likely that you can only choose ONE of these options. Examples: RPG (limited races, outfits, ...).

11. Sometimes, you barely have any option to pick a character.
You might still have the option to choose personality and have a few options for the future, but might not have the possibility to change the name, looks, ...

12. IC stands for In Character.
This is not meant literally, it is meant figuratively: you are IN the role of your CHARACTER.

13. OOC stands for Out Of Character.
This is not meant literally, it is meant figuratively: you are OUT OF the role of your CHARACTER.

14. Exercice: Are you IC or OOC when you are reading this? Select to read the correct answer.
{ You are IC. }

15. To be added.

PS - Help creating this is very welcome. c; I'm not used to talking to dummies. Feel like cooperating on this work, to write it together? Don't feel shy, just mention~ I will add your name then at the start of this thread.

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