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[December and July 2012] AdriArk Proposal/Wedding

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[December and July 2012] AdriArk Proposal/Wedding

Post  Hisao on Sat Jul 07, 2012 7:51 am

ArkerYukoto: Arker Yukoto.
Cantation: waiter (proposal) and Damien (wedding).
Chordtet: Cloud Yukoto and the crowd (wedding).
Hisao: Adrian K. Nacht.
Irialalexander: pastor August Kaiser (wedding).
Misperception: Vera (wedding).

Hisao: After Adrian had softly parked his silver-grey car nicely between the ligns of the parking spot, with only one car - a bordeau lexus - on the left side of it, he got out and moved the right side via the foreside - the passenger's side, as it was a German car. His hand went to the car door's handle, as he softly pulled it open for Arker to get out of the car as well. He had not come alone to this lot - he had brought his partner along, as it was a date. As he had pulled the door open, he turned half around to throw a look at the building behind him: the restaurant they were going out to. It was fairly late in the evening for a dinner - about 9PM - but that was the perfect time to spend some romantic time together. And while the street lanterns seemed fairly cold outside, the golden light coming out of the windows of the restaurant seemed fairly attractive and more cozy. The board hanging out had the name of the restaurant on it in curly, italic letters. The brick wall seemed fairly old, but that was just the impression the building wanted to give: an antique fashion gave it more chique-ness. A classy restaurant, this was. Not the cream of the crop, but it was fairly pricy and high-quality. When Arker would've gotten out, Adrian would close the door of the car again and zap it in the lock with his keys, then to offer his lover his arm to guide him to the door.

ArkerYukoto: Unlikely of him, he was sitting rather neatly in the passenger's seat , his bright eyes peeking out through the clean glass of the car's window, impatiently looking at the building on their side as the car had parked. Caught by the movements of the other, his eyesight swifts to the other, and watched him move out of the car so lightly. Just as soon, the young male's right hand slipped to door's handle, and yet it was too late, for his partner had opened the door for him. Arker reacted with a soft smile that spread across his slightly tannish skin, but soon after his attention was once again taken by the wonderful sight of the building behind him, was it a restaurant? And where would dates be? Pressing his boot down on the floor, the male helped his slender body out of the car until he stood straight in his fair height. Arker might have been feeling slight uncomfortable, as it was for the first time he had to be dressed in a clean, nicely looking black suit. The jacket with a nice feel spread down across his smaller figure, almost shaping those small details and curves of his waist. He atleast was delighted by the colors, black and sweet drop of red to the suit, it was perfect. But more over, his happiness could not be exceeded by anything else because Arker, that night, he was with his lover, in a sweet, healthy and lovely date. He shot a glance to his love, still in his sweet smile, he wrapped his arm around his partner, leaning in for a soft playful whisper. "My, isn't this a bit pricey for you, Adrian?"

Cantation: A man neatly dressed in black stood up from his desk as two new clients entered. “Good evening, misters,” he sounded, making a kind nodding gesture at them two. A polite yet kind smile was on his face, and however it was probably part of his job to smile all day long at everyone, he had a very comfortable facial expression. “I welcome you to Der Golden Pfeil,” he continued, guiding them inside. “If I may ask, do you perhaps have a reservation, and if so, what name did you reserved with?”

Hisao: "What do you mean, a bit pricy?" Adrian asked with a bit of a smile on his face. "Remember, I have a house and a car. I'm a doctor in science and I've worked all my life, I can afford to go out every once in a while, can't I?" He opened the door to the restaurant for Arker, so that he could enter first, as he continued: "And be honest, how many times have we gone out since we started dating? I don't think I even need any hands to count that on." As Arker entered and Adrian followed, he replied to the guy at the reception's question: "Reservation by Dr. Nacht, should be a table for two." He subtly - as it was usual in a classy place as this - wiped his feet off on the welcoming carpet, then to continue with Arker into the direction the man would guide them in.

ArkerYukoto: Just as Adrian answered, Arker's smile faded and his eyes laid on the floor. He couldn't deny, as far as he remembered, they haven't been out together, everything was always a mess, something like that, every once in a while, was sure a pretty thing to do. Just keeping his hold on Adrian, Arker's eyes wandered into the hall they have entered. His eyes couldn't believe it, ofcourse Arker had never been into such place, it was quite astonishing, far beyond his naïve vision. "This is so awesome." His head leaned to Adrian, for his lips to whisper gently with a bit of surprise, while Adrian was wiping his feet off the welcoming part. Arker never understood that part, and so, he didn't mimic much. Walking on, it was almost like Arker's eyes forgot Adrian's existence on his side, and stared wide into the golden lights and classy colors of the restaurant. "I've never been into a place like this." He added with another whisper. He simply was like an innocent kid, getting viewed into a wonderful new world.

Cantation: The young man turned around and threw a short glance at his watch. “This is your table,” he said, gesturing at the table that was closest to the entrance. “My name is Christian Hastings, and I will be your host for tonight.” He offered them each a menu chart and asked: “Would you like to start with an aperitif, or would you rather watch the menu first?”

Hisao: Adrian pulled out a chair for Arker as he then took a seat himself as well, and accepted the 'gift' of the menu chart. "An appetizer would indeed sound not bad. Or at least... I like the thought of a nice white wine before going to dinner." He made eye contact with Arker, to read from his facial expressions or body language if he thought the same about that. If that was positive, he would continue: "So... a couple of little snacks are always welcome. What wine would you suggest though? Something of average price class does sound nice to me, I'm not really for the kind of top notch wines." He then turned to address Arker: "Or do you think it'd be better to take drinks separately? Either option is fine with me, if you don't really have a liking for wine." He smiled warmly, the chandeliers and wall lamps making his eyes light a bit up in happiness as he did so.

ArkerYukoto: His body, gently and neatly, dropped down to settle on the chair. His head shot up at Adrian, giving him a warm smile and a nod for a 'thank you'. Then after his eyes took another scan of hall, in a moment of relief he was looking at the tables, the people, the candle and simply it was classy. Looking back at Adrian when he was seated, he leaned forward pressing his elbow against the edge of the table, helping the right side of his jaw over the fist which was held up fairly. His eyes then went nowhere but at Adrian, just fixed on his lovers frame, as his eyes slowly started to gather in love and sweetnesss. It was rather of him to have gentle eyes, for a change, the coldness disappeared that special night. He nodded when his eyes met with Adrian, agreeing for whatever Adrian was to choose for both of them. And in following Adrian's question, his head tilted and eyes slid to their corners, peeking at the standing waiter. "Wine is great by me." He stated then fixed his eyesight back at the male before him. His lips stretched sweetly across his face, forming a smile at the one before him.

Cantation: Christian offered them wine charts as well, and continued answering his guest’s question. “I propose the 2011 Viña Carmen Sauvignon Blanc Gran Reserva,” he replied. “It is a wine in which you can taste the summer and also is known for its unique smell.” He took a step back and continued: “I shall get you a bottle so you can taste it.” He left and indeed came back with a bottle white wine, containing a rather sober etiquette. He poured only a little in Adrian’s glass and waited for him to approve of the wine. When Adrian would approve, he would fill both their glasses to the exact right height. If he disapproved, however, he would close the bottle again and offer them to choose another wine.

Hisao: A wine with such a long name... was it just like the old kings or nobility: the more title they had, the more important or the higher class they were? It could very much be so, but indeed, in a place like this, tasting was the action prior to ordering the right wine, because a price card was no guarantee for a good quality wine. As the waiter poured a bit of wine in Adrian's glass, the man lifted it from the table between three fingers, and brought it more towards his face. He let the wine twirl around in the glass as he looked at the color, then shortly sniffled the smell. He closed his eyes for a short second while doing so, then opened them again and nodded, before taking a small sip from the glass. Adrian let it go around in his mouth for a couple of seconds, to get a thorough taste, before he eventually swallowed it. "Yeah," he nodded, "exactly the kind of sweet I like it." He gave a polite smile to the waiter, but then also stretched his own glass with the remaining bit of wine out at Arker. "Trust my taste, or do you want to try first as well?" he asked.

ArkerYukoto: He watched it through, as the waiter brought the wine to Adrian, and as he took a sip for the fine taste. The male didn't understand much of the going on, he figured it was some class related things, things which weren't much of his level. As he watched the glass come closer to him, the male's held fist softly dropped down on the table, and he leaned his face some bit backwards. With a smirk, he worked his index finger to glass, pressing the pointer against the tip. Once more his made sure his eyes would contact Adrian's as he spoke his words softly. "Don't worry, I trust your taste." He stated, then helped back his chest to sit up straight. Gently his leg reached over the other, and his smile once more took place on his innocent face.

Hisao: As the waiter put the bottle down on the table after the approval of both Adrian and Arker, Adrian turned to the menu already, to make a choice already so that the man could pass that on to the cook - or the cooking crew, for that matter. "I think I'm going for the... Hmm..." He seemed to think for a second or two, then to decide, "the lobster bisque sounds just great to me. With the traditional filet mignon as main course. We'll decide upon the dessert later on." He'd then close his menu chart and put it aside already, turning to Arker to wait for him to pick a dish.

ArkerYukoto: When he noticed Adrian turning to the menu, he the other did aswel. He leaned into the table once more, dropping down his face just slightly for his eyes to have a fine glance of the menu. He slipped his fingers gently below the menu, where the pointers were lightly holding up the tips of the menu. His eyes scanned down, seemingly lost for a second or two. His eyebrows met for a brief indicating the growth of his focus and thought. "Man.." His eyes peeked back at Adrian for a brief, then returned looking at their former destination. " Emeril’s Chicken…" He muttered, then quickly he sat up once more, dragging his fingers to the edges of the table and speaking to the waiter, after shifting his eyes at him. "Yup, I'll go for Emeril’s Chicken."

Hisao: So as the waiter nodded and moved away to brief the order to the restaurant kitchen, Adrian leaned in somewhat to take Arker's hand. "So how have you been, Schatzi?" he asked, using his own - very German sounding - darling name. "What have you been up to recently?"

ArkerYukoto: Arker watched the waiter leave through the corner of his eyes, just for a few before turning his bright gaze at his lover. The male leaned aswel when his hand was taken, having his heart also taken by Adrian's touch. "This is all so cool." He stated, widening his delightful smile. "Though you know I don't fit in a place like that." He closed his eyes for a second, making a silly smile cross his face. And as soon he opened them, his smile was gone and his words slipped out. "I'm great, I have been great around you" He answered, his eyes gently sliding down to glance at their hands. "And you?" With a tilt of the head, he stared at Adrian waiting for the answer.

Hisao: "Oh, I'm pretty fine," he replied, "the Schola is not really that much of a crowded place yet, as its name is not widely known yet. I guess I'll have to advertize more if I really want a lot of students, but that can wait - I have more important business to do for now, more important things on my mind. Like you, for instance." Adrian gave Arker a playful wink, but it was meant seriously. "And I would've guessed you wouldn't feel really in your place here... but you know, I thought you could use an experience like this. Get to know a bit more of the culture I was raised in. We've grown up so differently, I thought sharing some experience wouldn't hurt." [ nom nom nom ] As the waiter was about to remove himself from the scene again to pass on the order, Adrian would add, "Is it fine if we take a couple of minutes of fresh air on the veranda at the back side? It's pretty warm inside." When the waiter would nod and leave already, Adrian would get up and take his jacket, to loosely hang it on one shoulder. "Come on," he said to Arker, smiling softly as he made a small gesture with his head in the direction of the back of the restaurant. "A bit of fresh air will be refreshing after a warm and tasty meal like this."

ArkerYukoto: Listening carefully he was, but his eyes were somewhat feasting on Adrian's beauty. His head stayed the same, tilted and still. He had a delight grin on his face as he watched Adrian speak, but when the male held his silence, he followed his reply. "I sure wouldn't want to share with you my experience. " He joked, chuckling some bit and well, stopping a snore from coming out. After getting over what he had said, he added. "You really are so wonderful, Adrian." In a soft tone his words came through his lips, while his fingers fondled with the table, drawing random shapes on the surface. Soon after, Adrian offered a visit to veranda, and Arker seemed to agree with the idea pleasantly. The male in just short time was on his feet aswel, standing up high. He moved closer to Adrian, close enough that both their hands touched in each gentle movement. That moment, Arker swiftly brought his pinky finger around Adrian's, and started walking towards their destination.

Hisao: Adrian stepped outside the restaurant, on the back side, where the place was still lighted by the outside lights. This place was mostly used by smokers wanting to pull out a cigarette in between the courses, but now - luckily for their private time - it was empty. "Hah," he said, smiling, and a soft white cloud escaped his mouth with that sound, as his body temperature was very much warmer than the outside air. "This feels like a perfect moment, don't you agree?" ((Hurry with your post, I wanna write one more before going to bed~))

ArkerYukoto: He nodded standing right next to the male. Both his hands slipped into the pockets of his pants while his eyes took a gaze of the wide dark scene before them. Before peeking at Adrian, he spoke. "It is." His body half turned to the other direction, now his eyes fully fixed at the male without anything to say. Happiness and love could be seen through his eyes, but Arker for that second chose to hold quiet and admire the lovely company.

Hisao: Adrian smiled at Arker, as he put his hand in the pocket of his suit's black jacket, seemingly to keep it somewhat warm in the outside air. "So... I had this question," he'd say, as he turned his head and stared into the night sky. The sun had already set, the sky was a dark, royal kind of blue, with maybe one star here and there - the typical European kind of sky that he was very much used to, instead of the pitch black one where the stars always seemed to shine so bright and clear. Planes, of course, cause they always tend to ruin moments of European stargazing. But Adrian didn't care, this was a moment that he could share with his 'Schatzi', his dearest partner, that he wanted to share his life with. It was therefore then, that he turned ninety degrees back to Arker to look him in the eye. He bowed down his head slightly as he bent and sunk down upon one knee before him, softly dropping his jacket on the knee in front. His hand came out of his pocket again, holding a small black box. Adrian looked up again, hoping that Arker's facial expression was exactly what he wanted it to be, and spoke seriously, "my love." A second or two break came in as he then opened the box, showing a white golden ring with tiny rubies at set distance from each other, a big one in the middle. Then he continued, "Arker, would you like to share a life with me?"

ArkerYukoto: Arker still had his smile on his face, taking it nowhere, just nowhere. When Adrian turned to face him, his smile even came more warmer, that it light all of his youthful face. Arker was a loss of thought, only he could think of how wonderful his lover was. A slight frown of wonder though took place in his face when Adrian went down on his knee, and even, he standing there infront of the other man, his hands spread down his sides neatly, and his hands took the shape of soft fists. Emotions clearly faded away from Arker's face when he saw the box, and even when it opened, his blue colored eyes spread wide at the scene. He skipped a beat or two, and for the seconds he breathed, Arker did not remember to take a or any of that. "Adrian?" He whispered, piercing shock was painted on his face, and his brain was spinning around, dizzy of what it just saw. "Are you sure?" was what he answered, in a whisper that came out after a gasp. Tears gathered by the corner of his eyes, disbelief covered all of his face and yet, he was beyond happy.

Hisao: "Of course I'm sure," Adrian sighed, still with the smile on his face. "I don't think I'd ever want to share my life with someone other than you - I thought I made that clear before. But, don't let this old man wait, he'll get pain in his joints - give me an answer already." He wiggled somewhat with the ring in front of Arker, that shimmered in the moonlight, almost wanting him to take it.

ArkerYukoto: "Yes." He said in a low tone, while his fingers trailed over to Adrian's face, touching his right cheek softly while he noticeably was shaking. "Yes" Again he said it, and this time his tear escaped from the corner of his eyes, it was almost unreal.

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Re: [December and July 2012] AdriArk Proposal/Wedding

Post  Hisao on Sun Dec 23, 2012 6:34 am

irialalexander: Pastor August Kaiser stood at the alter of Sankt Katharinen awaiting the pair who would be wed this glorius day of our Lord, within the cathedral's august walls. It was to be a blessed day, he knew this already, could feel it in the beauty of the day, in the hushed voices of those already present, and in his heart.Dressed in the traditional garb of his office, the somber black cassock with its crimson stole stark against the stonework of the pulpit, and the magnificent stained glass windows that rose behind him. The light that entered behind those windows cast prisms of light across his shoulders, and as chance would have it, illuminated the very place that his two applicants would stand within moments..or perhaps it was not chance at all. His hands were folded in front of him as he looked to the back of the cathedral. How fortuidous that the weather was so sublime, an excellent sign for the future if ever he had seen one. God looked down with favour today, if all signs were any indication, and Pastor August was a God-fearing man. He smiled, awaiting his chance to set the die that would begin life anew for Adrian Kaspar Nacht and Arker Yukoto.

ArkerYukoto: Who would have thought that such day would pass on this young man? Who would have thought that a sinful one like him would walk down a path of such pure eternal love? Arker Yukoto had been on the edge of his emotions, in a state of disbelief to the events around him. He was happy, flying inside like a sweet little child. But at the very same time, he was sad because the most important person to him wasn't by his side. He knew she was looking over at him from heaven, smiling ever so proud. His mother was the only person he'd wished to share such a beautiful pure day with, and in his heart he felt her so close. Arker had his hand softly pressing into his chest, the post that had his heart pounding behind ever so hard. His younger blonde brother by his side, and his proud father behind him. Darker Yukoto, Arker's father placed an arm on Arker's shaking shoulder and leaned in to whisper into his ear. "Let's go" In his black suit the man walked his first steps forward , the red tie pierced the black colour that embraced him, and his pure innocent face shined with content happiness. He walked in, his eyes set directly at the one man he was to be eternally attached to, no questions in his steps, no hesitations on his mind, just him and his lover now. Finally his steps paused, he was standing right before that one man he loved, his brother by his side and his father had taken a seat on the front row, right next to his own husband.

Guest_chordtet: Cloud stood there hiding his slight nuisance that he was called by Ardian for this event. He didn't want to attend such an event but yet he realizes how important such an event could be. So he trudged onward and joined everyone else. He didn't want a lot of responsibilities and yet he felt it would be for the best for him to attend the wedding. Adrian pulled him in and he felt he owed Adrian something. He also felt something for Arker but yet he would not let Arker know it. The words can't materialize in his mind but his body knows otherwise. After all he would get candy in the end. To him, that's all that matters.

Misperception: Vera walked along the aisle in front of Coud and Arker, a small, weaved basket in her hands full of red rose petals. She reached her dainty hand in and took a handful, then swung her arm out in front of her, her wrist bending to spread the petals along the floor in front of her, mimicking the motion a few times. Her younger cousin, Maja, was right behind her, doing the same thing. Vera stopped once she got up to the front, where she and Maja moved off to the side. Vera bent down to place the basket at her feet beside her, and then straightened up, weaving her fingers together in front of her, a light smile on her pale pink lips. Weddings always made her feel good, if a little sappy too, and she was very happy for Arker and Adrian.

Hisao: Standing next to pastor August Kaiser, however still a meter or two diagonally in front of him, Adrian, moving his eyes away from his mother, who sat on the first row and who he had exchanged a smile with, now had his eyes set on the church's large doors. He was wearing the same fancy suit that he had been wearing on the night he had proposed, to recall that today as well, the happy time for both Arker and himself. The first to enter through the Sankt Katharinen church's doors would be his cousins' daughters, the twenty-one years old Vera and the fifteen years old Maja, who wore beautiful white dresses and were preparing the aisle for Arker and his family by throwing flower petals over it. Adrian had a soft smile on his face when Arker appeared in the door's opening, with Cloud and Darker at his sides, all wearing formal clothing as suitable, walking up to the front in what almost seemed slow motion. As they arrived at the front, Adrian would make short eye contact with Cloud, indicating that he was glad Arker's younger brother had agreed to be Arker's best man, even though the two brothers did not seem to get along so well. Then his eyes went to Arker, wishing Arker would know how happy he was to stand on this spot, and at Arker's side, at this very moment. When Arker had taken his position at the front of the church, Adrian would finally turn towards the pastor.

Cantation: Damien Cross was patiently waiting behind his friend, Adrian. He was honoured to be asked to be Adrian's best man. He knew this day was a very big one for his friend and collegue. The groom seemed to be a pleasant young man too, despite him never having met him before. He stood very still, not having much experience with marriage he knew little of what was expected of him. The rehearsing had done him quite the favour. He barely knew anyone of the guests. He wasn't often emotional, but today would be an exception to that 'rule'. He turned towards the pastor as well, waiting until he could do his job as a witness.

irialalexander: He watched with benevolent eyes as one or two made their way at the last moment to seats, and a few last moment whispers were exchanged. How he loved weddings, those beginning moments when two souls would become fused as one in the eyes of the Lord, and all those who loved and were loved. Adrian was already present before him, the best man beside and sligtly behind him, therefore it was with a kindly and expectant smile he lifted his eyes to observe Arker Yukoto's presentation on the arm of his father. How lovely, the expression on young Arker's face. How blessed he, Pastor Kaiser, was, to play a part in two lives that would be forever altered today. The scent of roses faintly permeated the air, as the young girls strew their symbols of love upon the carpeted aisle, before taking their seats as well. Kaiser then turned his attention to the matter at hand. Both of the persons to be married having presented themselves before the altar, Pastor Kaiser looked first into their faces raised before him, as a calm seemed to settle within the air that surrounded both he and they, and he smiled again as he nodded to them. Then he took a breath, and looked beyond them, to those gathered in the cathedral behind the pair, family and friends. Raising his arms to incompass symbolically all those present within the cathedral proper, in a clear voice he asked of them, "Who gives their blessings for these two before me to be married?"

Cantation: Damien looked at Adrian, a faint smile was covering his face. He then replied the pastor's question, in a clear voice, not without being proud: "I do." He stepped back a little, giving Adrian some more room, as he was one of the grooms.

Guest_chordtet: Cloud watches in awe as the events unfold in front of his eyes. The petals and the suits reveal a more serious world that he has never been too. His eyes are glued to the events.The words awaken him from his senses and he shouts out "I do!"

irialalexander: "All those present, please rise." The hushed silence that had prevailed would be disturbed only by the sounds of those standing beyond him and the pair before him. It was as it should be, and Pastor Kaiser raised his hand to genuflect, leading those assembled to do the same. "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen." He awaited the family and friend's response, before raising his hands to encompass them all figuratively."Now, let us pray. Eternal God, our creator and redeemer, as you gladdened the wedding at Cana in Galilee by the presence of your Son, so by his presence now bring your joy to this wedding. Look in favor upon Adrian and Arker, and grant that they, rejoicing in all your gifts, may at length celebrate with Christ the marriage feast which shall have no end."Pastor Kaiser then rested his hands upon the pulpit before him. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the marriage of Adrian Kaspar Nacht and Arker Yukoto . For as much as marriage is a holy estate, ordained of God and to be held in honor by all, it behooves those who enter it to weigh, with reverent minds, what the Word of God teaches concerning it.The Lord God has said, 'It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper for him.'Our Lord Jesus Christ said, 'Have you not read that he which made them at the beginning made them, and said, for this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his beloved, and the two shall be one flesh? Wherefore, they are no more two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no one put asunder.'" Pastor Kaiser paused to take a breath, then added, "Please be seated." The expected response came, of course, as the assemblage took their seats. He glanced down at the two faces before him, expectant, then to the open Bible before him. The words seemed to leap from the page, surely, also a sign. "A Reading from First John 4.7-12; 16; 18-19. 'Love has no room for fear; rather, perfect love casts out all fear. And since fear has to do with punishment, love is not yet perfect in one who is afraid. We, for our part, love because He first loved us. In a Reading from St. John 15.12-13, 17-17, we are told, "This is my commandment: love one another as I have loved you. There is no greater love than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. It was not you who chose me, it was I who chose you to go forth and bear fruit', the fruit of the spirit, the fruit of your love. 'Your fruit must endure, so that all you ask the Father in my name he will give you. The command I give you is this, that you love one another.'This is the Gospel of our Lord." Pastor Kaiser looked out over the congregation, taking time to look into the faces of several. "Our gracious Father in heaven does not forsake his children in an estate so holy and acceptable to him as marriage, but is ever present with his abundant blessing. Into this holy estate this man, Adrian, and his beloved, Arker, come now to be united. If any one, therefore, can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, let them speak, or else forever hold their peace."

Hisao: As Adrian was listening to the words of the pastor, finding strength in them, as he standing in front of this crowd, with his back at them, had the feeling that the world could rest upon his shoulders and that it would not break, as if their love was unbreakable and they would be able to overcome any difficulty in life - which, in the end, was indeed what he would be about to vow. As the pastor was speaking the words that Adrian had heard many times throughout the thirty-eight years of his life, having been present at many weddings, he only now realized how much words like those meant to the people in front of the altar. He was however content, and felt as if he could not be more content in his life, with all the significant people in his life gathered in one place. And at the same time, wondering if Arker felt the exact same way he did, his left hand looked up Arker's as they were both facing the pastor. His fingers automatically wrapped around Arker's right hand to take a strong hold of it. He felt only slightly nervous or excited at the same time, however, but it was not exactly planning to let that get to him, as he was too focused on this moment to let that ruin it. As he would softly squeeze Arker's hand in order to give him extra strength, Adrian would already focus on the pastor, eager for the moment he would be able to say the most important words of that day, and to enclose his beloved in his arms.

ArkerYukoto: The man stood still in front of his to be husband, a faint playful smile on his face. Nearly was he shy, standing where a woman in a white dress should, but that wasn't in his consideration, it was to the fact that he was standing so neatly in front of Adrain, the only man his eyes ever saw. Although he peeked at the other, a little gaze of the crowd, mainly it fixed on his father making him even more embarrassed. Then those words came flowing from the pastor's mouth, words that had sent Arker into a mere state of confusion. He had little information on the other one's sayings, as Arker had always had a weak background of religion, and little had he been into weddings. But even though, he stood with that smile on his face and eyes back on his lover's, looking directly into his other half's eyes so daringly revealing the slight shyness he had. And even when Adrian held his eyes so close, Arker never took off his eyes and held Adrian's hand tight as well, caressing the other's hand with his one thumb gently, spreading love with his touch. Arker wasn't nervous, he never had been. Yet, he was excited, far deep in love to realize what a great move this had been.

irialalexander: After a moment of silence as he looked out over the congregation, a blessed moment which he had expected, Pastor Kaiser looked back to Adrian and Arker. He could see that each held to the hand of the other, and such a show of their love for each other pleased him greatly. How blessed were those that loved, the world opening up before them. He looked directly into Adrian's face, his voice becoming more commanding, but his expression serene. "Adrian Kaspar Nacht, will you have this cherished one beside you to be yours, to live together after God’s ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto him, so long as you both shall live?

Hisao: As he lowered his head softly, somewhere in between a sort of a bow or a nod, Adrian would return eye contact to the pastor, who had now directly addressed him. And even though pastor Kaiser's expression became more cmomanding, Adrian did not feel any change in it as he totally did not feel commanded in any way, being up the front of the church here completely voluntarily. Therefore as well, the man would respond to the question in a loud and clear voice, his tone sounding reassured, however at the same time not harsh, "Yes, I will."

irialalexander: Pleased, he then turned his face towards Arker's. "And you, Arker Yukoto, will you have this man to be your wedded husband, to live together after God’s ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health, and, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto him, so long as you both shall live?

ArkerYukoto: Arker's eyes slipped to sight the floor when he heard the pastor addressing him. His happy expressions had faded for a second or two, maybe he for that right moment was thinking of his mother, the angel watching him from the far skies, wondering if she was proud of where he had been. As his eyes gazed up, he glanced the pastor for a mere quick second and stretched a gentle smile to answer with a youthful content and confident voice. "Hell yeah I do." He looked back at Adrian, that smile of his took more of his face, his innocent happiness shining his slight tanned color of skin.

Misperception: As Arker was speaking, Vera turned and took a few steps, picking up a red, velvetty pillow off of a chair a few meters away, and then turned back, moving to her place again, holding the pillow up, and waiting. After Arker finished what he was saying, she stepped forward, holding it out towards the pastor, in between the two beloved, and waiting for him to bless the two beautiful rings laying beside one another, looking towards Adrian for a moment and giving him an encouraging smile, truly happy for him.

irialalexander: Arker's words brought a smile to his face for a moment, before he made sure an appropriate expression for the occassion reasserted itself. He glanced up then, for the moment the symbols of their union, the rings, had arrived. They were presented beautifully upon a crimson pillow borne by one of the flower girls, who brought them with her as she came to stand between Adrian and Arker.

irialalexander: He took both rings from the pillow, and blessed them both as he held them before him and before the eyes of all those assembled, allowing the ringbearer time to withdraw just enough so that the pair before him could again close the slight distance between them. The prismatic glow from the great windows behind him made both gleam in his hands. He then lowered his hands, and looking to Adrian gave him the ring to be presented to Arker. As no doubt Adrian would move to place his ring upon his beloved's appropriate finger, he spoke to him, his voice now kindly and warm. "Adrian Kasper Nacht, repeat after me, 'I, Adrian, give you this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness', and speak the words of your heart that you would have Arker remember from this day forth."

Misperception: When he was finished blessing the rings, she stepped away, returning the pilow to the seat it had been on before, and moving back to her place next to Maja. Maja looked over at her and grinned, then upwards, giving a small, wistful sigh and bringing both hands, clasped, to her chest, before regaining her composure and turning her attention back to the two newly-weds.

Hisao: Adrian had let go of Arker's hand for a minute to let Vera pass by, who had taken up the role of ringbearer, and smiled back at her as their eyes met, happy she had been willing to take up such a responsible job as that, and was bringing it to a good end, then to turn towards the pastor again, awaiting his words. As pastor Kaiser addressed him once again, telling him to repeat those words, he stretched out his right hand with an open palm, in order to accept the ring, and stretched his left hand out at Arker, so that he could put his hand in Adrian's. As soon as this would both have been done, Adrian would let the ring slide towards his fingers, catching them in between his fingertips. And as he would then repeat the pastor's words, "I, Adrian, give you this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness," which he pronounced slowly and carefully, he would slide the ring around Arker's ring finger in the same way, to make a short eye contact as he completed this action, only to let it go again when the pastor would turn towards Arker.

irialalexander: Then he looked from Adrian to Arker's face, a warm light glinting in his eye, for all could see how the love of the one was for the other was so readily apparent in Arker's previous words. He had no doubt now that way lay between Adrian and Arker was rare and true, and that this moment would indeed mark a momentous memory for both to share in the days and years ahead. He placed the remaining ring in his hand gently. "Arker Yukoto, repeat after me, 'I, Arker, give you this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness', and speak the words of your heart that you would have Adrian remember from this day forth."

ArkerYukoto: Arker has watched the ring rest on the middle of his open palm, nearly blankly watching the features of that one small ring. His eyes then had shifted at the pastor then to his Adrian, having a faint loving gaze phasing his blue coloured eyes, screaming out with faith and excite. He took the ring by the tips of his fingers and reached over to take Adrian's hand so gently into his other free one. While gently his fingers worked the ring into Adrian's wedding finger, he watched it embrace more of that finger and continuously peeked at Adrian's face in intention to see his lover's loving face, maybe he would be able to catch an odd expression and use it to tease that male later on. Yet, he inhaled air into his lungs and exhaled at a slow soft gaze to speak the upcoming words in a stable confident voice. " I, Arker, give you this ring… as a sign of my love and faithfulness" And that was when he left Adrian's hand be to gaze fully back at him with his wide grin.

irialalexander: He waited until a moment as Arker and Adrian exchanged intimate glances, before he continued."The Lord God, who created our first parents and sanctified their union in marriage, sanctify and bless you both, that you may please God both in body and soul, and live together in holy love until your life’s end, Amen." Pastor Kaiser then addressed those gathered behind Adrian and Arker."Please rise as you are able, and let us pray." He waited a moment, allowing time for all to do so as they could, before he spoke again. "Almighty and most merciful God, who has now united this man and this woman in the holy estate of matrimony, grant them grace to live therein according to your holy Word; strengthen them in constant fidelity and true affection toward each other, sustain and defend them amidst all trials and temptations, and help them so to pass through this world in faith toward you, in communion with your Holy Church, and in loving service one of the other, that they may enjoy forever Your heavenly benediction; through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God in this world without end. Amen. Now repeat the words after me, 'Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be ond, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever and ever, Amen." As all fell silent, he stepped forward, and raising his hands laid a palm upon the head of each. "For as much as Adrian and Arkel have consented together in holy matrimony, and have declared the same before God and in the presence of this congregation, I pronounce them united in this life, and may that hold unto the next, a testiment of true love for all time. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen." Then his gaze returned to the pair before him. "What God has joined together, let no one put asunder. The Lord bless you, and keep you. May the light of our Lord's face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you both. The Lord look upon you with favor, and give you peace, all the days of your lives. Amen." He took his hands from them, and stepped back one placement, opening his arms to them. "You may now kiss," he offered, smiling broadly.

Hisao: As Adrian was listening to the final words of pastor Kaiser, still holding Arker's hand, as he had taken it again right after they had put the rings around each other's fingers, in his mind he indeed hoped this moment could last forever and their love would remain as undying as through the hardships they had already been through throughout the last two years, ever since the moment Adrian had taken up his job in the School of the Unusual. But as the echo of the pastor's voice died away already, Adrian decided it was not a time to be thinking about the past and expecting such difficulties to naturally happen again, no, it was time to look at the future they could have together, being in harmony with their family and friends just the way they were today, and building up a happy life together. And as Adrian turned to his left again, his hand pulled Arker closer already, and he pressed his lips on Arker's already, to kiss him. As for Arker's family, they sure would not judge them to be this way, on the contrary, they would not be ashamed of doing anything themselves. As for the majority of the crowd however, who were normal human beings, they could find it unconvential and awkward as much as they wanted, they obviously had approved of it already, putting the couple's happiness very much in the first place, and even if they had not, Adrian would not care at that moment, as the person who he loved most in the world wanted to live his life together with him. That was all that mattered at this moment, and as Adrian let go of Arker again, he finally turned in the direction of the crowd, with a broad smile on his face.

ArkerYukoto: Arker had been waiting that right moment. It was to the fact that he'd been distracted, it was to the fact that he might have been eager to show his father that he, too, could find true love and be forever bound to it. Finally he had proven that he could be a faithful man, a man of bright future, a man of family. Hearing the pastor's last words, Arker took his lower lip in that of a bite and looked over at his now husband with a bashful look showering his expressions. He lowered his face but looked up to peek at his lover with that a playful smile, nearly forgetting that he was surrounded by many strangers. When Adrian had pulled him closer, Arker's hand shot to pull Adrian by his jacket, a mere move that had made sure Adrian was close enough and their lips would press against each other hard enough. If it wasn't for Adrian's mother in present, Arker would have taken longer in that kiss, but he had let Adrian pull back promising for better later that night. He lastly and swiftly winked at the man before him, before he with his bright smile gazed back at the crowd sitting on seats, nodding to their smiles.

irialalexander: There really are no words to describe the joy of such moments. His moment in their lives brought him a quiet joy, happy to play a part here at the ending of what had been before into the new beginnings of a shared life that now lay, a gleaming path of possiblities, before them. Paster Kaiser raised both hands high before him, the vibrant beams of light straining past his form to fall in incandescent warmth upon the newly bonded pair, and happily announced to all those who bore witness, "It is my privilege to introduce to you all, Adrian and Arker Nacht."

Guest_chordtet: And the crowd rejoiced in the marriage. Cloud breathed life into the crowd as he started to throw rice at the newly-weds. The crowd livened up as the two walked, hand in hand, out of the room. The wedding went without any hitches, aside from the newly weds.

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