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Race - Sylfaendren

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Race - Sylfaendren

Post  Jiao-Long on Fri Jul 06, 2012 4:16 am


Mythological - Fictional - Original

Race created by Jiao-Loong. Must ask before using.

Internet sources:


  • Basic
  • Subspecies
  • Life span
  • Anatomy of the elven form
  • Anatomy of the dragon form
  • Language
  • History
  • List of users that received permission
  • ...


The Sylfaendren have two main bodies: one elf-like and their original, a dragon. Their elven form is often taller than the regular elves. One of the most specific traits in their looks is also their eyes and hair. Those match the color of their scales when they're in their dragon form. As for the rest they don't show any particular difference. Sylfaendren often live among other races. The color of their scales/hair varies from person to person, but is also inheritable. For example, when both your parents are red dragons, they won't give birth to a golden dragon.


Sylfaendren can be divided into more different kinds of dragons. Those subspecies are comparable to the subspecies of the common dragon (European dragon, Asian dragon, African dragon, ...), but the Sylfaendren themselves don't make the difference. Those subspecies do not carry different abilities either, so the only difference is their appearance.

Life span:

The Sylfaendren have an average lifespan that is longer than that of the common elven species. It is known that some of the Sylfaendren reached over the age of 3000, but no one knows for sure.

Anatomy of the elven form:


The Sylfaendren have an extremely light bone structure, matching that of their dragon form. Despite the fact that those bones are very light, they're also incredibly strong. One of the Sylfaendren will less likely break something than a common elf. This however isn't an extremely obvious fact and doesn't make them stand out in particular.


As stated before, the Sylfaendren's hair color matches with the color of their eyes and scales. For example, a dragon with red scales will have red hair, matching the scales.

Anatomy of the dragon form:

As stated before, the dragon can vary shapes. Some types of dragons have two pairs of paws, while others have only one. There are three main types. Those three types all have hollow bones, which reduces their weight. This makes it possible for them to fly, despite their size.

Type 1:

The first type of dragon has two pairs of paws, and one pair of wings. The way they run/move is comparable to that of a catlike.
Their average height varies around 10 meters/33 feet. Their average wing span varies from 15 to 20 metres/49 to 66 feet per wing, so 30 to 40 metres/99 to 131 feet for both wings. Their wings are rather large in order to carry their weight, so they can remain in the air. Their bones are hollowed out.
This type of dragons hunts by land most, while the other two types prefer to hunt through the air. They often use their wings while running to gain up speed.

Type 2:

The second type of dragon has one pair of paws and one pair of wings. They move more like birds, but they do not hop like them. They walk on their feet.
Their average height also varies around 10 meters/33 feet. Their average wing span varies from 13 to 17 meters/43 to 56 feet. Their wings are smaller than type one, since they are lighter.
This type of dragons hunts through air most, preying from above and waiting for the right time to duck and grab their prey with their claws. They're masters of speed while in the air, but more vulnerable on land.

Type 3:

The third type of dragon has no wings, but can still fly however. Their body resembles that of a snake most. Compared with the common dragon species, this one matches the Asian dragon.
Their average body length is 15 meters/49 feet.
This type of dragons often hunts by land. They lurk until their prey comes close enough, then to suddenly snap out at them and often catch them by surprise. They're not as fast as the other two types, but they can move their bodies in far more different ways.


The Sylfaendren have an inborn ability to learn other languages more quickly than the average elf or human. But just as the humans or elves, they can have certain talents as well. Some of the Sylfaendren are better at mathematical issues, while others pick up languages more quickly. They also have the inborn ability to speak and understand their own language, the Sylfaendr. This however, they don't speak in public often, because of their hidden identity.
Sometimes, an orphan of the Sylfaendren that has been raised among elves, will not know he or she belongs to this dragon race. They are however still capable of understanding their mother tongue, despite never having heard it before.
Sylfaendren always speak more than one language, in order to communicate with other races. Their most common is the elven language, but the human language is also well known amongst the Sylfaendren.


List of users that received permission:

When your name appears up here, you're allowed to use this race. If you already asked, but your name did not appear here yet, please refrain from using the race, unless you keep the message in which I stated you could. This to avoid complications with other users.

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