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Group - Sky Pirates

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Group - Sky Pirates

Post  Hisao on Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:42 pm


Hisao - self-created group. Any questions or suggestions/remarks go to me. If you want to have a Sky Pirate role-play character, please tell me, cause I will help you out and put your character in the list at the bottom.


  • Basic
  • Sky Town
  • Sky Board
  • Skills
  • Pirate list


The Sky Pirates are basically a people of elementary talented humans who live in the sky and have it as their life-long job to pirate everyone they can reach. They travel through the air using their abilities and a surfboard, known as their 'Sky Board'.

Sky Town:


A Sky Town, Sky City or Sky Village, depending on what you want to call it, is the place where Sky Pirates live. As the name implies, it is not located on the solid ground, but instead hovers in the air.

Stone in the Sky:

The base that the Sky Town is built upon, is a meters-thick saucer made of stone. Spread over the entire surface of this stone, are usually a few holes in it, making it look almost like Swiss cheese. These holes are usually smaller than the thickness of the stone.

The stone is an auto-hovering object that contains an impersonal spirit (or sometimes multiple impersonal spirits), holding it together and keeping it in the air. Another of its functions is to avoid objects (originally meteorites, but in modern times planes and rockets are more common) that pass by. Finally, this stone also creates a cloudy illusion to surround it, which it after that follows or hides into, or uses to connect to larger, existing packs of clouds.

The Town:

The materials used to build the town onto the 'stone saucer', as well as hanging structures, all come from what the Sky Pirates' looted from earth. They avoid adding changes to the stone itself, as it could become imbalanced, but they can easily build up several layers of housing on top of each other.

Unlike human cities, it does not have an open-air grand square in the center. Instead, at the entire edge of the stone, they leave open a couple of meters as a landing place, like a boulevard or beach all around the outer edge. About every fifth/quarter, they leave open a larger area, the size of a small square.

Notable buildings:

Rather than having a grand square in the heart of the city, as mentioned, they do have a meeting hall and 'shopping center', which is the tallest building of the entire Town. It consists of several floors, and all Sky Pirates bring their wares there to trade or to store. Events and festivities also take place here.

Close to this place is the administrative building. This is the mansion of the Sky Town Mayor, and the place where he and his Council work. Since the seat of Mayor is usually passed on to blood relatives, that house is almost always inhabited by the same family.

Sky Board | 天板:

Throughout their life:

Sky Pirates begin practicing on their Sky Board starting at age four. The boards they use at that age are not yet personalized - they are practice boards with a smaller size. While growing up, they change boards regularly, changing to bigger sizes and even different styles of boards depending on their personal skill.

From 12 to 16 (exact age depending from one person to another) a Sky Pirate usually builds their personal Sky Board. They usually do this with an adult close to themselves, such as one of their parents or a close friend who is 25 or older. The Sky Pirate designs this board with a lot of care and chooses the model and lay out.

Every Sky Pirate adult has their own Sky Board and usually own the same board throughout their entire life. They will take good care of it, to make it last as long as possible. A Sky Pirate dislikes having to create a new Sky Board.

Naming the Sky Board:

A Sky Pirate's board usually carries a name, as if it is a pet. This name is sometimes written on the board's surface too, or the name of the owner, if they choose to do so.

The first letter of the Sky Board's name is the same as the initial of the owner. The name of the board is usually a word that has to do with wind, water, or a certain trait. They pick an existing, yet unusual word.


In the first place: wielding of gasses. From this, they can create wind and control the flow of the air or of other gasses around them. Because of that, they are able to move through the air. Their Sky Board is designed to make this easier for them, so that they need less control to move just as fast.

They can also wield liquids, the most usual of course being water. Trying to move (on) water however is harder, since the atoms are way denser and thus also harder to move. The really talented however are still able to cause a small tsunami if they want.

In small portions, Sky Pirates are also able to move the atoms of solid objects. Since the atomic bonds of solids are much stronger than fluids, so this requires training. They usually give the preference to moving the gasses/liquids a solid object is in, to transport it to another place.

List of Sky Pirates:

This list is alphabetical on first names. Last names aren't important for Sky Pirates, so most of them don't have one.

Amber (Sky Board: Aegis – protection, support)
April (Sky Board: Aisling – a vision or dream)
August (Sky Board: Aerious – airy, of the nature of air)
Clay (Sky Board: Celeste – sky blue)
Dawn (Sky Board: Daedal – formed with art, displaying inventive skill)
Jay (Sky Board: Jurel – coastal fish of southern United States)
Layane (Sky Board: Laveer – to sail against the wind)
Moon (Sky Board: Mizzle – to rain in small drops)
Pierce (Sky Board: Prescind – to cut off, cut short, separate)
Robin (Sky Board: Runnel – little brook)
[Yamamoto] Ritsuki (Sky Board: Rillet – small brook or stream)
Thor (Sky Board: Thole – to endure, to suffer; pin in the side of a boat to keep oar in place)

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Re: Group - Sky Pirates

Post  Magen_Kumquat on Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:33 am

Nice post. Not sure when I'll make a character but I'll join in on the LOOTING AND THE PILLAGING! LET'S PILLAGE!

Does that mean the pirates know how to make whirl pools, eddies and the like?

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