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Group - The Morgenstern Empire

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Group - The Morgenstern Empire

Post  Xylliandrax on Fri Oct 21, 2011 2:39 pm

(under construction)


If interested contact Hisao or myself.

Basic information:

A Empire formed back in the 1500's this empire has grown slowly into the modern times and has been passed down to the new generations of the ruling family, now a modern day empire The Morgenstern empire has branched off into producing and selling medical and technological products to the human world in which they have built up in, The Company Halicarnassus industries is just a front and a means of fund generation for the Empire itself.

Imperial family tree:

Emperor Amer
Empress Lyvia

The old emperor and empress are those who currently rule the Morgenstern Empire. Upon old age, the emperor can pass on the reign to either his oldest child or his wife. Upon death of the emperor, it is up to the empress to decide whether she or the oldest royal child will rule.

* Fabian
The oldest son of the emperor and empress, therefore originally the crown prince, Fabian however died at fairly young age, due to a diving accident. This young man was quite serious, balancing out his duties and spare time fairly well. He was preparing himself decently to later on become a proper ruler.

* Runa
The only daughter of the royal pair, she had always been a bit special among her siblings. At her brother's death, she was forced to become mature very quickly, because of the great amount of extra duties that she got.

* Göran
Not a show-bizz type of person, rather staying in the background. This prince is a philosopher and a dreamer, on the other hand however also a creative figure, who is often busy painting or writing poetry.

* Adrian
The youngest prince.

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