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My mission

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My mission

Post  Hisao on Fri Oct 21, 2011 2:50 am


Well, most active members have probably already posted their reply on the poll, or are able to notice details really well, but... as you can see, my name changed colors C: I'm now a member of the 'Reges' club, aka the admins. Now another issue has risen... Lusor is giving me a mission to prove what I'm worth as active member of this forum. (As if I'm not active enough o3o I log in more often than he does. But meh. I'll have to obey xD.)

So. To skip all my whining: WHAT DOES THIS MISSION CONSIST OF?

There is two parts to this mission.

1) Getting the existing members of this forum to post.
If this means you'd have to start a new role-play thread: this can go via me for a bit now, instead of via him. If I approve a certain role-play, you don't have to pass his judgment anymore. ONLY for this while though.
Also, you can reply in the different existing topics... Start a random talking topic, start a game topic or reply on the existing ones. Reply on the introduction topic ('My pleasure') or help me out with one of the topics in the RP Info section.

2) Getting extra members that are willing to participate in the Lusio Partis Community.
For this, I'd like to ask to ♪♥please♫~ spread the word about this forum. I've pulsed this link last week, and several others have, too (for which thanks <3). But apart from that, you can also go to people on Gaia, on msn, or in RL that you know who might be interested in this forum or in RP. Personal talking to people helps too for recruiting <3

Those people who join should post down here (in this topic) who got them on here C: so that I can see who helps me out a lot with recruiting. Still have to think about what I can do to thank those who help me out though. x:

Okay, so... that was what I needed to say. Thank you very much on beforehand already <3.


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