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Skill - Mind cage

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Skill - Mind cage

Post  Xylliandrax on Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:21 pm

within your (your character)'s mind you can create a realm of your own wishing, a place of which you yourself or someone who has gained dominance over your (your character's) mind within this realm your character becomes their own master, as few people attempt to take over another persons mine ( another charatcers) this skill is very unused and unpracticed, in the event of someone attempting to breach your (your character's) mind you can attempt to trap their mental consciousness within this realm, making them have to fight agiasnt your imagination with their own, this skill can be very useful if mastered against people who wish to read your mind or alter your thoughts or feelings.

If you destroy your opponents mind within your mind you run the risk of creating a void within your mind, This is not advised for it would either kill you ( your character) or drive you ( your character) insane.

this is also the best method for turning the tide against someone who has gained access to your mind, because their mind is already present in your own and all you need to do is create the realm for their mind to 'walk'.

Usually, this realm consists of your (your characters) nightmares or dreams, places you've been or heard about.

As most of the time, your imagination is they key to this ability, though remember, just because they are in your mind, don't make you all powerful, yes it's your mind so you have the home field advantage but a greater mind would still be successful in forcing domination.

Please Pm me any questions I'd be glad to answer ~X~

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