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Group - Arvo

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Group - Arvo

Post  Hisao on Thu Oct 06, 2011 2:38 am


Creator: Hisao. Arvo is a planet/realm/dimension. Send a PM or reply to this topic for reactions, suggestions, etc.


  • Basic
  • Origins
  • Differences with earth
  • Entering Arvo
  • Becoming a civilian
  • List of Kingdoms


Arvo is a planet that looks very much like earth. There are a few differences though - scroll down to 'Differences with Earth' for those. On the other hand as well, everything that exists on Arvo, is less alike earth's living creatures.


Starting off as only one reality, earth and Arvo were the same thing. Over time, millions of years ago already, the two however had started to split up, coming into existence as two different planets.

Differences with Earth:


Due to the lower population density than on Earth, the climate is generally slightly colder. The average temperature overall is about two degrees cooler. This causes the deserts to extend less far. The green vegetation also extends far more inwards the continent southwards (on the southern half: northwards). On the other hand, during winter, the border between ice and water lies a lot more south.


Arvo is approximately 1.6 times the size of earth. This means that for every kilometer/mile on earth, one would travel about 1.6 kilometer/mile over the surface of Arvo.

Because of this, the same goes for vertical measurements as well. With some deviations, the heights of all mountains and depths of waters on Arvo's surface usually vary in between 1.5~1.7 the heights and depths of earth.


Quite logically, due to a different history than on earth, the borders of the different countries, nations or empires look quite different as well. To get into the specifics of the different countries, you will have to scroll more down. (Not yet though, I still have to write this all. Please be patient. <3.)

Entering Arvo:

To be able to enter Arvo, you must have been in there before. You can't dimension-travel to Arvo when you haven't been there yet. This also goes for the specific places on Arvo's surface: if you haven't been in a certain country, city or even building, you cannot transport yourself there whatsoever.

The places 'where you have been' are decided by if you have seen them before. You do not need to have stood on exactly that spot in exactly that position. (I know, this feels as if we are discriminating blind people. However, I have not often known of a blind person using teleportation or such, really. I suppose someone else has to help them get there.)

If you have not been in Arvo before, there is still another way to enter it: if you are conscious of its existance, you can dimension-travel from earth (or any possible other parallel universe) to the corresponding spot on Arvo.

Why Earthlings?

"Why do people from Earth seem to be able to get to Arvo more often than people from other dimensions?" is a question that is often asked in this context. The answer is quite simple, actually: Witches from Arvo (at least the ones who can dimension-travel) regularly visit other planets, and earth is one of the places that is popular among them, especially since it's their twin planet and very alike.

Becoming an Arvo civilian:

The regulation process on Arvo towards immigrants from other dimensions is rather strict. Before they can even enter, they should have permission from the government of the country they will be entering. The person from Arvo who serves as messenger in this context is the one who will have to transfer the forms from one party to another and help regulate the naturalization process. This messenger also has to take the role of motivating the naturalization, as well as approving it.

Instead of becoming a civilian, one can also strive to access a Visitor Pass, similar to a passport. The process to acquire this kind of document is easier than acquiring full-time citizenship, but with a Visitor Pass there are more limits:
  • you're only allowed to stay in the country you got a Visitor Pass for.
  • maximum duration of your stay on Arvo: 3 months in a row.
  • maximum proportion of your stay: 50% on Arvo - 50% outside Arvo (evaluated after five years).

The Visitor Pass needs to be renewed every few years (the amount depending on the country's legislation). Most people own a Visitor Pass for a while before they actually consider naturalization.

List of Kingdoms:

If you request your Kingdom / Empire / Group to be located on Arvo, please contact me (Hisao). I will talk to you about the specs and then put your whatever in the list here :v

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