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Race - Necromes

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Race - Necromes

Post  Zeidoc on Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:10 am


Mythological - Fictional - Original

Thought out by Zeidoc


Necrome -Singular
Necromes – Plural

Beings made of a single corpse that is reanimated through magic. This is mostly done when a necromancer or someone else skilled in the arts of the dead, loses a loved one. As they gain new life their old one becomes a mystery to them as they only receive glimpses of what they were like before. It is up to whoever brought them back to remind them of who they were but this process can prove costly to the one performing the ritual and most Necromes simply wakeup alone with one or two dead bodies on the floor. It is not uncommon that necromancers would use this process to raise a small army for himself,


Every Necrome is based off whatever they were in life, but the majority of Necromes are human as the magical bonds between life and death are less strict. All Necromes have pale dead skin and emit a small aura of cold. Their bodies do not generate heat. During the process of awakening their eyes are burnt out by pure life force and are replaced by vibrant green glowing ones.

Types of Necromes:

There are three types of Necromes;

Magnus Caste/The Beautiful Dead: The Highest caste in Necrome society. They are made from a corpse that has recently died. The body takes significantly less life force to reanimate, this means that the rest of the life force used in the awakening goes towards increasing their magical abilities. Their body has to heal any injury, weather it is minor or major, this leaves them cautious of close combat as it drains them of their energy.

Creationist Caste/Grafters: The Grafters are those of the race who slave away at creating weapons and other useful products for themselves or their masters. They are at a middle ground of physical and mental ineptitude but it is not entirely uncommon for one to transcend their mental capacity. The bodies of Grafters are more decayed than that of the Magnus caste and resemble melted corpses or people with dehydrated skin. They are called Grafters because they have the ability to freely fuse tools and weapons to their arms and body; this is done so that they can gain an affinity with their tools and a better understanding of their craft. This habit can prove difficult for many alchemists and such professions where delicate instruments are used as they often have to replace them. They are often mistaken for zombies by other races and so, tend to stay out of sight from other races.

Servant Caste/Bone Sentinels: The lowest caste but the most numerous. Their body is just made of bones and the life force. While the life force circles around their skeleton recreating their muscles and forming a hard solid shell of armour. The Warriors body is made primarily of the life force and so, leaves them with being very stupid but extremely strong. The members of the Magnus caste may control these sentinels, gaining their physical attributes whilst still being able to cast some of their magic.


Necromes do not reproduce about by natural means. They can’t pass on their genetic material by having sex (although members of the Magnus and some of the Creationists may have sex, it is for no other reason that enjoyment).

A Necrome is brought about via a ritual called “The Awakening” in which the corpse of a person is placed on an alter in the centre of a round, cone shaped room with a green shard placed on the body. The person doing the resurrection would read from the Dero vel Meurtous---, by doing so they give up part of their life into the shard for the subject. Alternatively they can sacrifice any one and as their soul is released the shard takes it and flies up the building until it reaches the top and then plunges down into the body below, awakening them. This process is unpredictable as just part of one person’s life force is often not enough for the process to work, so the shard takes whatever is closest to complete the ritual.

Necromes may copy this rite by working with the pure life force they have. As they regenerate their life force they often force it into green shards for future use. They often do this if a member of their community dies or when there is a war going on.

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