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Skill - Psi/Psiokinesis

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Skill - Psi/Psiokinesis

Post  Xylliandrax on Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:52 am

This kenisis is the ablitiy to control the chakra and energy inside you. it is easy to start, but can become very difficult and hard to understand in the later stages.

To start off, making a psi ball will allow you to get the flow of your energy and the way your energy moves. everyone is different, do you and someone else will work different. after finding where your energy is, you must move it. do this by imagining it moving through your body, like blood or water, imagine it as water/blood running through my body. put this energy into your hands, then try to allow this energy to escape slowly, then turn it into a ball. this WILL take time, so don't give up if you can't do it at first.

After mastering this technique, everything else becomes very similar in the way to start. you must learn how to summon your energy at will, at put it anywhere in your body. this will take you a very long time for most people, but for others it comes very easy. nontheless, you will have to learn how to summon energy at will.

1st form- this is when you can only feel your psi ball

2nd form- others will be able to feel your spi ball, but still no visibility

3rd form- you and others can start to see a vivid outline, this also increases the damage and feel of the psi ball

4th form- the psi ball will be visible, and also will be able to inflict damge equal to a punch to a person or object, use this with caution.

Help- to increase a form, you must add more energy into the ball, and compress the ball more and more, and being able to get to the 4th form is a huge milestone for it is very difficult.

As you can see, even a ball is complex in the form of Psiokenisis. Psiokenisis is also very imaginative, if you can think of it, you can make it. this may very from balls, to shields, to arrows, to beams, to almost anything. also, all of these things you make will follow the same format as seen above for a psi ball. with each form, the energy used will become stronger.

This kenisis is very powerful and defense and offense, and requires much time.


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