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Group - The Realm of Adolescence and Sin

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Group - The Realm of Adolescence and Sin

Post  mistverusofficinale on Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:20 am


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The Officinale once lived in the realm of Adolscence and sin. The realm it once full of life and mainly Energy demons( Officinale bloodline) live there. Yet after the rage of the Pure white Demoness, most were killed and as a last try to escape were by gathering the last Officinale to seal the demoness away within the realm. And so they did using their souls and her blood. Even if they lost their life there was 3 know Officinale left. The 3 sisters, two of them where sent away at birth yet one of them was forced to stay within the realm. This drove her mad by despair, also leading to the massacre. About 300 years after the fall of the realm. The Demoness was unsealed by one of the few survivors, his name was Nameless. He died unsealing the demoness as she then shortly left the realm and went to explore the rest of the realms and worlds. only to return a long time after and revive the realm, yet the part where she had been sealed remained a wasteland. Even in this time of day there seems to be some Officinale left out in the universe.
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The Officinale Bloodline.
Officinale blood is as a ' boost' to the Officinale’s powers, protection and acts as an absorbing material with the limit of one kind of either poisons, metals, magic’s, curses, seals, Other bloodlines and such. Demon with the Officinale Blood are long lived and stuck to one body which means they cant change race, body and if the body dies so does the mind. Yet the blood has a defense mechanism, such as If the blood Is ‘taken’ away by something or someone then the blood will defend itself and hurt the other creature. The blood has the ability to cleanse out ’intruders’ or poisons if needed. The blood is black as most demon blood is this also affects to attributes to the demons body, making it superior to the humans. Making them stronger and faster, also raises some of their senses such as smell, hearing and eyesight comparable to animals. The Verus Officinale Bloodline, the True. The Verus Officinale Is just also as the Officinale bloodline yet the Verus line is the Original. There is some add-ons in its abilities such as, the blood it thicker, almost like oil in substance yet even thicker able to be manipulated into shapes by the owners mind. Yet the blood only keeps it form if still attached to the ‘body’ and if disconnected it will return to its user. The Verus Line Has an Easier capability to Work with the ‘Boost’ also strengthens it.

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