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Race - Energy demons

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Race - Energy demons

Post  mistverusofficinale on Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:52 pm


Mythological - Fictional - Original

MistVerusOfficinale. Self-created race. Before making a member of this species, you have to contact Mist and ask her permission. Do you have any questions about pieces of information that aren't included in this topic: once again, turn to Mist.

Means of contacting her: through PM on this forum. On IMVU: username MistVerusOfficinale.


In short, an energy demon is a demon who lives and feeds upon energy. They have been living in a realm that is mostly based upon energy, thus giving the demon but one thing to feed upon: energy. Not a mutation a learned gift. Slowly adapting through evolution.. And there by making them energy demons. The energy demons of the Officinale bloodline live in a realm which is mostly made out of energy aka; The Realm of Adolscence and Sin, in the realm sun light does not exist just an eternal moon as the Realm. Most of the northern parts of the realm are wastelands and the southern religions are mountains and cave system. The western and eastern part of the realm is mostly wood mixed with mountain and wasteland. Energy roams the realm and gives it its life to the demons and the realm itself which is in big just a floating piece of rock out in space but it is consumed with Energy and has air, water, heat, cold and such. Due the energy created plants and streams the plane has been able to create its own kind of life cycle.


Every Officinale is born with a Tattoo or a mark so to say, A rose with leaves. Other than that there is the two set of horn and the tail. In either white or black in hue. The most common hair colors among the Officinale are Red, Black and white even gray if the breed is mixed. Their skin is mostly pale The females often smaller in body measurements then the males, as the males tend to grow tall with a balanced body size. These Demons are humanoid in looks as their essences are born into one body as they are incapable of leaving it. But as the body’s cells has been used to feeding off energy This has brought certain evolution to the nerve system making it double, in short they have two times more nerves then a humes which makes them more sensitive and so on but. As they have lived with this they are used to it/ also the reason to why the newly born are extremely fragile. Their eyes able to see in the dark as their realm is rather dark yet they have a slight problem with bright light under longer periods of time as it makes them confused and disoriented.

Due their cell regeneration and such they are long lived and aging goes rather slowly. As For an example Mist is (at the time) about 500 years old. Yet her appearance is only around the age of 20-22 so how does this time line go about? Simple.
1-5 years.= 0- 150 years. ------ aging at this point is mostly power based.
5-10= 150- 250 ------ aging concludes body effects
10-15 = 250 – 350 ----- aging includes full development of genital and full growth of body
15-20 = 350- 400 ------- Aging ceases
20- 25 = 400 – 2000 ----- aging has stopped.


Genders: Male and Female. Reproduces just like human, by intercourse. Yet Officinale women Can activate their re production cycle by themselves. The Bi- effects are simple if impregnated; Moody and weak so to say, As it takes a lot of the mothers energy to support the fetus. Also the period of time that the fetus stays in the mother is 2 months.( 2- 4 irl weeks ) . And if she doesn’t get impregnated... horrible side effects will take place; such as Headaches; Fevers; Bad balance: In simple in knocks out most of their immune system for a few days, Internal pain and hard time breathing Insomnia. As the baby is born the mother or another Officinale puts a seal upon it. So that is wont be absorbing energy in to great scales which would lead to the death of it. As the baby is inactive in 2 weeks to one month after birth as the seal slowly weakens and the baby learn to handle higher levels of energy. Also usual pregnancy sighs like a big belly is not visible on the Energy demon since their bellies remain flat as the babies are small when born.

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