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RP - Tier 0 (and 00)

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RP - Tier 0 (and 00)

Post  Hisao on Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:29 am


Internet sources:
Wikipedia, Novella, link

Other sources:
Own RP knowledge collected over the years.


  • Definition
  • Word count
  • Example Post
  • Novelette (T00)
  • Rules


The term "Novella Role-Play" is based on the fact that the style of the post that you write is not just a paragraph or literate, but in fact a small story. A "novella" is also called a "short novel" and is a written piece longer than a novelette but shorter than a novel.

Depending on what source you check, you will get several different word counts as minimum and maximum (yes, Novella has a maximum word count).

Novella is often abbreviated as T0, to give someone the impression as if there is no rank higher than this.

Word Count:

On this forum:
17,500 up to 40,000 (7,500 up to 17,499 being Novelette). This means we follow the definition given on Wikipedia.

10,000 up to 70,000. Depending on your screen's size and your word length, the amount of lines can vary. If you take it as about 40 words per line, this definition would give you a Novella RP post of in between 250 and 1,750 lines.

On other places:
I honestly wouldn't know. If you do know, don't hesitate to contact me or to reply on this topic.

Whether the maximum word count be 40,000 or 70,000, any amount higher as this would be classified "Novel RP". However, this is not something that so far - to my knowledge - has been kept up for several posts. Apart from that, it would also become utterly over-detailed and boring for the reader to see a limited amount of actions described in so many words.

Example Post:

An example of Novella RP is not available as for now.


"Novelette Role-Play" or "T00" is a form in between T1E and Novella Role-Play. The word count goes from 7,500 as minimum to 17,499 as maximum (17,500 being Novella). Like Novella, Novelette follows the rules of T1.


Easy enough: Novella (as well as Novelette) Role-Play just follows the rules of T1 role-play.

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