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RP - Tier 1, "Paragraph Role-Play"

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RP - Tier 1, "Paragraph Role-Play"

Post  Hisao on Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:26 am

This thread is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Also: in need of reference of everything I have NOT written anything about so far.


  • What is T1/T-1?
  • History
  • Not entirely T1
  • Word Count
  • Genres
  • Entrance and departure
  • (What should I add next?)
  • Sources

What is T1/T-1?

Tier 1, also called Type 1, Technique 1 or Textual style 1 by some, though not the only paragraph RP style, is informally known as "paragraph role-play". A paragraph is a short piece of writing of about 200 words. Depending on the type and size of the font, the length of the words, and the size of your page/screen, the amount of lines can actually vary.

You can recognize T1 not only through post length, however. Writing paragraphs brings along a certain style: people write more as if it's a story, write with description and detail, add thoughts, use quotation marks for speech and proper punctuation. In T1, meta-posing is allowed or in some cases even obligated.


It is quite hard to define when and where T1 has actually developed, because there is no actual proof of who came up with the style or what were its early uses, likely due to it being under heavy changes during the early stages. However, the role-playing style exists for at least as long as the late 1990s or early 2000s and has possibly originated either from Yahoo! Groups, IRC or other chat clients.

Unlike in other RP styles, combat is very present in T1, as the style has a number of combat-specific rules. Combat and storyline role-play have likely developed together.

Not entirely T1:

What if you actually don't reach the minimum average of 200 words or you write a lot more than that, but you still follow the rules of T1? Not too surprisingly, there is a few styles which, for that reason, get a different name.

The only style with T1 rules that doesn't really get its own technical term, is the so-called "lazy-ass T1" or "semi-paragraph RP". The average post length is still at least 100 words, but that's only half as long as a usual T1 post. In real-time RP, many people in fact try to keep their posts shorter than they would on forums, mostly because the pace there is generally faster, because people don't log off in between the posts.

Multi-paragraph role-play, starting from the so-called "page" or 400 words, is called "T1 elite", "Elite T1" or "T1E". 400 words is not a usual page in programs such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect or Open Office. It's about a full page in a book, which means that it's of the so-called size "A5". To be able to use T1E for regular posts (no fighting), it requires quite a bit of detail already. After all, you put about the same amount of content in a description of twice the length of T1.

Then for the select few "show-offs", if you want to call them that, there is a style called "T00" or "Novellette RP", or even "T0" or "Novella". It's called 'Novellette/Novella' because the length of the posts has become so long that - unless it's a long, vague and boring description - there must be at least some kind of short story in it. It sure requires some skill to make a piece of text as long as this still appealing to the reader.

Word Count:

The exact numbers for T1 and its derived styles are already written under the previous titles. To recapitulate: a minimum of 100 words average for 'lazy T1', 200 for usual T1 and 400 for 'T1 elite'.

These word counts should not only be used for spars/death matches, but also for general T1 RP (dialogues and conversations, travelling, erotic RP, any action the character does). Also, this is an average, so especially as long as it is not combat role-play, you should not be yelled at for writing a 196-word-long post.


Dividing T1 differently than what you just read, the genres do not really have anything to do with post length. A genre just defines the kind of powers, pasts, species, etc. of your character. Be careful though! Not everyone uses these divisions, and most of those who do only use them in the case of a role-playing fight.

RM - Realistic Melee:

Realistic melee is human ↔ human role-play. The limitations on this style are the normal, real-life limitations: human running and reactions speed, force, ... Weapons from the real world (knives, guns, ...) are also allowed. These are not necessarily limited to existing weapons, but must realistically be possible to create.

It is important to note that while a character may for instance have a natural talent at fast running, he or she will not be able to run as fast as an athlete at first. Your character will be influenced by the training he or she had in the past, as well as by the diet he or she takes, by the amount of sleep or rest he or she gets, and by age. (Surprise: characters age.)

Limitations guidelines:

  • Reaction time: roughly 200ms (0.2s)
  • Speed: roughly 3-4mph or 5-6km/h (walking) — 8mph or 12km/h (running)
  • Strength: lifting 1-1.5 times the own weight
  • Sight: 2mi or 3km far for human-scale objects

UM - Unrealistic Melee:


MP - Moderate Powers:


PC - Powered Characters:


Entrance and departure:

Unless agreed on differently on beforehand, a character in a T1 role-playing environment is not present until they entered, and will be present until they left. OOC, this means that you will need to post an entrance post to start interacting with the other role-players and a departure post to finish. People who disappear due to technical issues in chat role-play may be excused.

A fight, whether your character was already in the battlefield/arena/etc. or not (your RPC could've been having a drink already when a quarrel started in the tavern), needs to be entered and departed as well. The consequence hereof is that the action of entering the fight will have to be stated as well.

(I believe the same is the case for erotic T1 sessions? Not sure - need reference on this.)

In chat role-play, there is an exception for the first person to be in the chat room, who will be there automatically and does not have to post an entrance because there are no other characters yet to interact with (unless NPCs). In some forum role-plays, the thread starter may also take this priviledge or allow another early poster to already be present.

Not having to post an entrance has the advantage that you don't have to write your character's entire appearance out (though you will have to if later on in the RP a fight starts) but the disadvantage that your role-playing partner(s) will not know what your character looks like. It is advised to describe your character at least partially in the first couple of posts you exchange with others if you find yourself in such a situation.

Required information:


  • action of entering (+ description)
  • appearance of character (brief or elaborate)
  • attire of character (outfit, accessories, everything they carry/bring with them - brief or elaborate)
  • reference to the environment which they enter (stating where they enter)

  • Possible extra:
    - character background (past; non-visible traits such as personality, thoughts, powers)
    - description of the environment
    - any relevant information to the area or one of the characters present there (anecdotes, ...) - if vague, the link should be mentioned

  • Not allowed:
    Completely irrelevant information to the area or any of the characters present there (including one's own).


  • action of leaving or stepping out (+ description)
  • appearance and attire of character (no need for full, just everything that has changed throughout the past session)


Internet sources:

  • Alexander, Technique One;, link.
  • Cetaphil (IMVU)'s group, Roleplay Rules, link, more specifically , link.
  • Donovan Rodriguez (MySpace), RP Battle Rules, link.
  • Firaxis Xega, Explanation of T-1(technique one), link.
  • Ghetto Kid, What is T1/T2/T3?, link.
  • James S. Rascal, T1 Rules and guidelines, link.
  • Jayden Melicore, figthing sytles, link.
  • MinhyrdinWindrose (IMVU), T1, Paragraph, turn-based fighting, link.
  • Nirmaldasan, Plain Paragraph Length, link.
  • Online Warriors, -T1, link.
  • Spades Slick, Rules of Tier-1 (RM, UM, MP & PC) Combat., link
  • Earlier browsing of internet sources.

Other sources:

  • Own role-play knowledge collected over the years.
  • Chat logs to T1 role-players.


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