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RP - Tier 6, "Freestyle Role-Play"

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RP - Tier 6, "Freestyle Role-Play"

Post  Hisao on Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:51 am


Internet sources:
(no specific author), T6 Fighting Style, link.
MinhyrdinWindrose, T6, link.

Other sources:
Collected RP knowledge over the years.


  • Basic
  • (Fictional) Example
  • Additional information

T6 is also referred to as "Freestyle". This means that basically anything goes as a legit role-playing action and that the imagination is the only limitation that keeps players from winning. Autohitting, metagaming, and other forms of actions that other RP styles call rule-breaking, are completely okay in T6. There is also no obligatory line between IC and OOC.

This style of role-playing results in RP without rules, actually, and is therefore only used among people ignorant of the RP styles and guidelines, or in a really relaxed environment.

(Fictional) Example:

CannibalTom: -is chewing on your ear-
TimTheBunnyHater: -steals the bunny from your head-
CannibalTom: -steals my bunny back-
TimTheBunnyHater: -kicks you in the face and steals the bunny again and puts it in a bag-
CannibalTom: -bites in your arm and rips it off so that you bleed to death-
TimTheBunnyHater: oi u cant do that its godmodding!!!!
CannibalTom: nu uh i can do anything i want

Additional information:

Actually, in the example above, Tom is right in the end. God-moding is either tolerated or doesn't exist... After all, T6 is free style. Okay, this was a fight that started of quite nice and friendly, but ended up bad. However, breaking the rules in T6 is just impossible. There's no minimum of words, there's no limitation to your powers, you can auto-hit one another, etc.

Basically, it would be just silly to spar/fight using T6, because whoever types "-kills you-" faster, wins :/ no preparation or details on beforehand is needed. It's maybe two seconds of fighting. The end.

To end with: in the example above, you see they post in turns. For T6, this is not necessary. You can post two times, three times or even zillion times in a row.
However, keep in mind that far from all RP communities, or even specific threads/places do not tolerate T6 as a valid kind of RP.

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