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Group - The Brotherhood of the Silvthri Chain

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Group - The Brotherhood of the Silvthri Chain

Post  Xylliandrax on Wed Aug 24, 2011 11:07 pm


Representatives on this forum: Xylliandrax, SkelaSoldier, Jaroslavv.

The group has been temporarily shut down due to inactivity.


The formation of the brotherhood started with a jail sentence, three people, jailed for reasons unmentioned to each other devised a way to escape, their planning and co-operation the key to their escape, the use of each of the three's mental or physical skills key in their escape, Sidius Remolt's ("the engineer") inventive skills helping the three with his ingenious inventions from the lowest available resources and worst improvised tools imaginable, his mechanical mind able to work them out of some sticky situations.

Emu's ("the diplomat") silver tongue granted them access to much needed information and resources throughout their planning, maps, directions, keys and other high importance ordinals, his role was much like the figure head, a talking role behind their escape.
Behind both of these figures Xylliandrax was mostly used when both inventions and words failed, his violent nature caused them to be able to escape even when the alarm was raised, his physical presence helped intimidate people into giving the silver tongued Emu, and the mechanistically minded Sidius vital parts and information.

through out this experience, the hardships of escape and the moments when each's life fell into the others hands they grew to see each other as brothers, willing to die for one another, brothers of circumstance, their need for freedom pushing them together. Together after the risky escape from the high security prison whose location is still relatively unknown, they wandered as a unit, searching for a place to defend from their would be captors Refusing to be forced into captivity once more, stubbing across a strange creature they fell into deep conversation with the new being, asking if it knew of a place in which they could take refuge, they where given the Ivandis Isle, Situated in a lake full of the creatures kin they set about building their fortress.
So was the birth of the Brotherhood of the Silvthri Chain.
The recent death of Emu, had torn at the hearts of the remaining brothers, During the period of grieving a family member from Emu's own blood showed himself to the brothers, inheriting Emu's position in the brotherhood.

The past of the Brotherhood of the Silvthri Chain holds strong ties with the Limnai (Thalassai) in the lake around the Ivandis Isle.

Current leadership:

The current leaders [each equal in ranking] of the brotherhood are:
- Emu( deceased.) (replaced by) Miu, "the diplomat"
- Sidius Remolt, "the engineer"
- Xylliandrax, "the iron fist" (secret police)

Each of these three people has a right hand, an assistant to take over their position when they are not around.
- Sueilen (Miu's second in command)
- (...), (Sidius' second in command)
- The Officinale leadership group,(Xylliandrax's second in command)


((This group exists on IMVU, so joining will happen on there.))

  • meeting the potential member in an IC session --> to be recruited if they seem competent
  • meeting the potential member outside the RP --> have them be recruited IC, or have them prove their RP skill
  • Students of current members are automatically included into the brotherhood under the teachers responsibility.


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