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FAQ & Explanation Of This Forum Section

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FAQ & Explanation Of This Forum Section

Post  Lusor on Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:09 am

Dear members,

This forum section is meant for two purposes in particular. On one hand, this is the place where you turn to if you have questions. (Ex. 'Where do I post about X?' - 'Can I do Y on this forum too?' - 'I'm not sure whether or not I'm allowed to do Z.') It's a Question and Answer ('Q & A') section where you turn to the community rather than one specific person to get your question answered or your problem solved. An entire community, even small, can answer as fast as its fastest member.

As a supplement to this 'Q & A', this specific thread will contain the Frequently Asked Questions ('FAQ') - not necessarily frequently asked in this forum section, but also in chat or private message in between members, or if we feel like it's a frequently met problem within our forum. It'd always be nice to browse through the FAQ before making a new topic to become the 10th person asking the same question.

The second purpose of this forum section would be the Polls: to ask the community members' opinions about things going on in this community, such as decisions the admin team is considering. (Ex. making someone admin, creating a new subforum.) Perhaps we'll pose a rather random question to find out how everyone feels about X or Y. (Ex. if the RPs are running smooth, which admin is the most cruel.)

Even if these polls are not on the left side of your screen when you're on this forum, you can still decide to browse through this forum section to answer the more outdated ones. We're not promising to care though, but I assume that would depend on the poll in question.


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